Oops! I crapped my blog

This is a fifth-degree howl. Check out this absolutely livid rant by a pro-life blogger in response to a pro-choice article — and make sure you note the article’s source.
Almost as good are the sap’s lengthy, meandering and impassioned follow-ups in subsequent days, especially the one in which (and you knew this was coming) he claimed his original screed was meant a joke. This is someone who genuinely. Doesn’t. Frigging. Get it.

6 thoughts on “Oops! I crapped my blog”

  1. You missed all the wonderful comments the guy deleted. My favorite was: “I’m pro-life, but sweet jesus, you’re an idiot.” I believe they’re archived somewhere.

  2. this is the fourth time I have seen “Onion News” satire being responded to by a pro lifer. Shows their intelligence I would assume.
    also, often we see a right winger quoting an “Onion News” political story as factual. Don’t they understand that being a conservative doesn’t mean you have to be stupid.

  3. Ahhh, sweet benevolence.
    “This year, and every year hereafter, we would like to take that celebration of motherhood just one step further by helping those who are not as confident about the new gift of life given to them. We are encouraging pro-lifers to coordinate and/or attend prayer vigils at abortion mills on the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day (this year, May 13). On this day in particular, we encourage pro-lifers to pray that the mothers visiting these mills will have a change of heart and decide to give their children a chance at life, sparing both their children and themselves all of the suffering that accompanies the deadly act of abortion.”
    I have always been slightly bemused by the God Squad’s interest in all things in-utero, but complete lack of support and empathy for the masses languishing in foster care.
    Maybe they are just perverts?

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