Activist judge alert!

No, I’m not talking about Anna Diggs Taylor, the federal judge from Michigan who yesterday ruled the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program unconstitutional (leading to the immediate and simultaneous wilting of thousands of erections attached to outraged right-wingers the nation over; these people remain convinced that any legal decisions they don’t like constitute sympathy toward, if not outright support for, terrorists).

I’m talking about Gary McKinley, who, in a decision he admitted he should not have made even as he delivered it, ruled that a pair of teenagers on the Kenton (Ohio) High School football team would not serve 60-day jail sentences for their roles in causing a serious car crash until the season is over. But the families of the victims can take solace in the fact that the judge also ordered Messrs. Campbell and Howard to each write a 500-word essay titled “Why I Should Think Before I Act.” Assuming they’ll be expected to hand in their essays upon their release from juvie hall, they’ll be required to work at the rate of eight words a day during their incarceration, something even these lads just might find manageable.
Quoth Judge McKinley: “I see positive things about participating in football.” Does anyone suppose Campbell and Howard would have been cut the same slack had they been slated to represent the school in an upcoming chess tournament or science fair?

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  1. PLEASE don’t remind me of the noxious combination of high school, football, and “the favored few”. I still remember the fact that in my last year of HS, we had a kick-ass XC team (only lost one meet that season in a squeaker) while the football team couldn’t find their butts with both hands tied behind their backs (only won one game that season), yet the XC team was still looked down upon. I recall that one of the footballers told me that my varsity letters “didn’t count” because “that’s just track”. Of course, we weren’t even at the bottom of the social pecking order; that was the domain of things like band, drama club, and, you guessed it, chess club. My wife informs me that her HS was nothing like that, so it’s good to know that at least some kids did not (and perhaps still do not) have to live with this crap.
    And I must admit that I am getting sick of the line that goes something like this: “Yes, I know I did something wrong. It hurts me to think about it and that’s something I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life.” Aw, poor baby. I feel for you. Are you willing to trade places with the kid who has the broken neck for even one hour?

  2. When I was a senior, both the football and boys’ cross-country teams won state championships. We had it good; most of my friends were actually on other sports teams, and many of the football players came to our home meets and vocally supported our efforts, making things between these often antagonistic outfits unusually collegial. Of course, this may have had something to do with the fact that most of the footballers had girlfriends or romantic interests on the girls’ cross-country squad…

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