Katherine Harris: church-state separation a “lie”

I knew that this woman — now engaged in an increasingly shady and foundering campaign for a U.S. Senate seat — was a lying blowhard and an idiot in the extreme; this is normally a basic requirement for holding a key political position in the state of Florida. But until this interview with Florida Baptist Witness Magazine, I didn’t realize the scope of her intellectual failings and character deficits. The fact that she may be tailoring her answers to suit the publication’s audience in no way excuses her, as this is merely one more example of dishonest behavior and shameless pandering.
Here are some of the things Harris — who claims that her faith is “the most important thing in my life” — said in the interview. I’m pretty sure she hits absolutely every known canard and low point advocated by today’s religious right:

  • There’s “no question” she’ll spend an eternity with her God in Heaven. (Evidently He doesn’t mind when His favored creatures f*ck with presidential election proceedings.)
  • “I have a 100 percent voting record with the Christian Coalition. I have a 100 percent voting record with the traditional values groups.” These are boasting points?
  • “…if we are the ones not actively involved in electing those godly men and women and if people aren’t involved in helping godly men in getting elected than we’re going to have a nation of secular laws. That’s not what our founding fathers intended and that’s certainly isn’t what God intended.” Oh, the horror — a nation governed by secular laws! Can we just stone this shithead or turn her into a pile of salt or something and get it over with? Also, on that founding fathers thing: Assuming Harris can read or turn on a television, she might want to apprise herself of a little 18th-century American history.
  • “I have not supported gay marriage and I do not support any civil rights actions with regard to homosexuality.” Well, we can let the first part slide on the basis of marriage being an ostensibly religious arrangement, but admitting that she doesn’t believe that gays should be protected from discrimination won’t earn her a lot of votes in, say, Key West. Christ in a bathhouse.
  • When asked whether abortion is “evil” (the interviewer apparently didn’t think asking Harris what her stance on abortion is was sufficiently leading), Harris replied, “Yes. Because it’s a life, it’s a life. Life begins at conception.” Yes, yes. Say it twice, say it twice, so we know you mean it, mean it, sister, sister.
  • “I am adamantly opposed to embryonic stem cell research and voted as such … there is no justification for taking a live embryo and destroying it.” At this point one wonders if Harris is not reading from a script.

Any guesses as to what she thinks about Terri Schiavo being murdered? Oops — did I give anything away there?
So here is a woman with a full set of fully functional vocal cords, a tongue, and as many as 32 capped teeth clearly occupying her sigmoid colon. Initially one is tempted to believe that Harris is simply playing to her audience, but the greater picture revealed in her downward spiral of a campaign, along with testimony from those close to her, suggests she is seriously deluded. She doesn’t belong in Washington, but on the slate of county commissioners in the famously corrupt Miami-Dade district. But she’s on the wrong side of the state for that.
Just to round out the fun, take a look at this video clip in which Tramm Hudson, who is running for the 13th Congressional District congressional slot being vacated by Harris, addresses an unspecified group of potential voters and tosses in a few whimsical remarks about the alleged buoyancy of a certain racial group. That a cracker would think as Hudson does isn’t surprising, but the simple lack of a superego in some candidates for office is unbelievable.
12:45 p.m. UPDATE: Harris-bashing fans should note that Ed Brayton beat me to the punch on this one, expressing many of the same bemused opinions.

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