A study in contrasts

A couple of tidbits from the blogosphere.
Ultra-conservative pundit Jon Swift at, well, Jon Swift offers — despite his right-wing bent and virtual fellating of Dubya — perhaps the best Katrina autopsy of all the ones I’ve read. If you’re suffering from a congenital or acquired irony-receptor defect, don’t bother reading this guy. His other stuff is also gold.
On the other side of the intellectual spectrum, a blithering nitwit named Cao pulls out every moronic anti-evolution myth imaginable, then adds her own unique touch of ignorance to the whole faecal heap. Her long-winded post is disjointed, histrionic, ignorant beyond all conventional creationist standards, and dripping with projection, lies, and hilarious doses of unintentional irony. Her contention that evolution is a false liberal construct is founded on two primary theses: One, plenty of people still believe in the Bible, meaning that it must be true; and two, some Very Bad People — think Stalin, Marx and Nazis — have been linked (however fallaciously) to “Darwinism,” meaning that evolution is false.
She claims — among many, many other things — that traditional Western values come from the Bible (she’s dumb enough to portray Christianity as being “anti-slavery”), that accepting evolution requires a leap of faith, that “Mutations DELETE information from the genetic code,” and that it “simply doesn’t make sense that two different species would evolve from one solitary cell” (I’m sure plenty of well-established things don’t make sense to Cao). She has cut and pasted a variety of pseudoscientific mumbo-jumbo into a crescendo that is incoherent and schizophenic enough to make whoever wrote the Book of Revelation proud. In a nutshell, Cao is just one more pissed-off Bible-bopper determined to hide from any evidence that the faith in which she was surely steeped as a young bumpkin is a crock of shit; combine this with verbosity and you get…well, check it out yourself. Or don’t.
Hat tip to Thinking Meat for inspiring me to waste time on yet another brainless flake.

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  1. Yet more blathering rot form the undisputed cut-and-paste queen of the Internets. May god jam her tubes with oversized bingo balls.

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