Funny right(wing)eous indignation

I want to thank Ed for keeping my attention focused on the decerebrate irony kings at Stop the ACLU, right after I punch him in the face for providing this service. Today, one of their intrepid columnists has posted a complaint about an upcoming TV docudrama, “Death of a President,” that depicts the assassination of George W. Bush.

“The fringe moonbats will be flocking to see this,” the writer assures us. “It’s a liberal’s wet dream,” asserts another scholarly critic, who takes issue with the liberal media’s “pentiant [sic] for gutter mouth commentary” and rambles about fevered swamps and horse heads in bed.
Well, let’s see: Can anyone think of a motion picture released in recent years that depicted the fictional and extremely violent execution of a well-known figure that millions and millions of deluded nutballs paid to see? I can. What was the name of that flick again?
The first comment would be hilarious were it not so telling: The guy claims that liberals want nothing more than to kill all Rebuplican politicans and bloggers, then brags about his gun ownership. Read this post on his blog and ask yourself if you’d be comfortable living next to such a goonlike organism if you knew it was armed.

6 thoughts on “Funny right(wing)eous indignation”

  1. it’ll never happen in reality and no “liberal” dreams of it ever happening.
    two words: President Cheney.
    just like his father, G W Bush bought himself life insurance in his choice for a VP. :)

  2. Kender, the commenter you mentioned, is possibly the most irony-challenged creature on the planet. He bloviates about an imagined ‘threat’, conveniently forgetting that he has a habit of leaving death threats on other people’s blogs. Pot, kettle, black.
    I have to admit I am coming up blank on the movie you refer to. I’ll check back in a day or so, and see if you’ve posted an answer. I’m sure I’ll be slapping my forehead when I find out what it is.

  3. Jay is an undiluted swamp-bred idiot of the fuckth magnitude and everything he writes is just as ripe for the ripping into as his post about the snuff Dubya film. Take this, for example. An assortment of grammar and spelling errors: CHECK. A host of cliches (“judicial activism,” “legislate from the bench”): CHECK. What would fuckin’ Bob the Angry Flower think about sticking apostrophe’s in plural noun’s where they dont belong? Shit even a six greader know’s more about punctuation than Jay doe’s!!!?
    It does not surprise me that people this stupid keep blogs. What is cruel and unusual is that more than a few high school grads read the shit on that page, say “Amen brother! Down with appealate courts!” and eagerly pop in a link. America produces at least ten ground level dumbfucks for every halfwit and twenty for every illuminated person.
    Sorry Joan, I’d post this garbage to Jay but I’m banned and don’t feel like proxying my way in to toss in a comment that will just be deleted. But Meatbrain has all sorts of shit on his site about his fumblefucking and deceit, including something about hanging ACLU lawyers of I recall correctly.

  4. I see that today, Jay the Jenius is likening the regulation of firearms to a full-scale war on the right to self-defense. Brilliant.
    Forget his ongoing confusion of “your” with “you’re” his misuse of apostrophes; I just wonder if he’ll ever figure out how to spell “sovereignty” and “philosophy” correctly. Considering how often he use’s these word’s and how important there meaning’s apparantly are to both him and our nations’ very survivil, you would of thought he would of noticed how other’s type these same words’ at some point.

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