What’s good for the loose…

…is good for the demander, or something like that.
Ed has a nice post up this morning summarizing an example of a recent development that’ll blow your mind: baseless arguments and hypocrisy from the religious right. I’d like to focus in particular on something said by one Meredith Turney, the legislative liaison for the Capitol Resource Institute, in a recent Wingnut Daily “article”:

“It is bad public policy to add to the list of protected classes a sexual behavior … Equating sexual preference with the immutable characteristics of age, national origin or race will result in other variable behaviors being added to the list of invariable classes rightfully protected.”

I am assuming that this means everyone is free to mock and belittle not only homos, but those who are aware that methods of contraception exist yet refuse to employ them or even sanction their use by others, especially parents who are misguided and deluded enough to preach abstinence to their terminally horny teenagers while avoiding any discussion of condoms and OCP.

Is anyone else tired of these whack-a-doodle religious outfits who claim exclusive rights to the “pro-family” mantle? Like it or not, a mother, a father and their child or children living in the same godless dwelling is as much a family as a Christian brood of 14, even if the members of said godless family refuse to believe that evolution is a myth, that embryonic stem-cell research is immoral, and that blowjobs are Satan’s own lollipops. Until these regressives can produce evidence that their sheltered, morally pure (so they think) children grow up to be better adjusted than kids whose parents watch the occasional porno flick, believe that biologists are better equipped to teach biology than Moses, and enjoy sex in positions other than the missionary one, they should consider curbing their senseless blathering campaigns, entertaining as they may often be.

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  1. I got a kick out of how the legislation went from not being able to discriminate against to actually promoting. And when I visited the CRI link, I stayed until the time till the next abortion counter reached zero and screamed GOOD! TAKE THAT YOU IGNORANT FUCKER FACES! It felt so good I’m gonna do it again.

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