Promotion vs. failure to unfairly discriminate

I haven’t decided if the tireless moral rhetoric from far-right jackholes is more a simple rabble-rousing rhetorical ploy — such gambits work notoriously well on the slack-jawed and the squint-eyed — or a basic reflection of the hard-line religious mindset. Witness this Wingnut Daily piece condemning Wal-Mart for its openly accepting stance toward consumers regardless of sexual orientation advancement of the radical gay-liberal agenda and this even more ridiculous lament from the Family Research Council’s chief dildo-with-a-larynx, Tony Perkins. I can only hope that these shitbrids are as spiritually troubled and aghast at the private sex lives of total strangers as they claim to be and are losing sleep as a result.

But perhaps muckraking is not the sole motivator for the crap these incessant whiners excrete on a daily basis. It might be that simply tolerating something and energetically promoting it are in fact inseperable in the minds of Christians, who, as specimens generally brainwashed from the crib, are not renowned for their ability to appreciate or even envision world views distinct from their own. After all, not only have they been saved by Jesus F*cking Christ, but they believe that everyone — atheists and adherents to other faiths alike — can only be granted eternal life in Heaven if also saved by, you got it, Jesus F*cking Christ.
Look, I run marathons and associate with lots of others who do the same, but this isn’t for everyone. I think that driving 200 miles an hour in tight circles along with 35 others and getting your ass beat for sport are both gloriously misguided activities, but I don’t think NASCAR and the WBC are out to have everyone in America racing stock cars or punching the shit out of each other. And even if they were, if I’m not interested, I don’t have to participate. Why these moral hypocrites can’t just shut the hell up and let others do as they will is a vexing source of mystery; they’ve never once given specifics on how it is that the presence of homosexuals (or anything else) “destroys traditional families.” On the other hand, I can quickly list a number of conflicts and difficulties people experience owing to religious indoctrination, although many of the effects of these are imposed more on bystanders than on the indoctrinated themselves.
That this kind of blatantly dishonest behavior is not quickly rooted out and extinguished by voices of reason, but instead remains widespread, is genuinely making me question whether I would even admit to elightened foreigners that I live in the United States. In the near future, a Canadian friend of mine will be passing through town for a 20-mile run en route to Ontario, and I may well have to tag along for the trip, never to return.