Dear South Dakota legislature: idiot America loves you

I’ve devoted a few posts (and therefore a few too many) to the ongoing lunacy of Kerwin Brown. Kerwin is so unabashedly nuts that he’s proably harmless, if this is possible, and he doesn’t come across as particularly malicious. But if Kerwin can be regarded as the “good cop” in some putative pairing of mentally challenged and paranoid bloviators, his “bad cop” sidekick would be this guy, a frequent commenter at Kerwin’s slap-happy virtual outpost.

Let’s look at what Highboy has to say about South Dakota’s newly enacted abortion ban, which allows for exemptions only when the mother’s life is in danger and not in cases of pregnancies resulting from incest or rape. The ban is being challenged, and owing to a blessedly appropriate state provision, voters will have the final say in November as to whether the law remains in place. Naturally, abortion foes view the dimwitted actions of the state legislature as a potential catalyst for a cosmos-wide abortion ban.
Highboy begins his rant with the usual rhetoric about baby killing and its glorification by wild-eyed liberals, but we’ll overlook that and move on to foolishness boasting a more personal touch.
• Regarding Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, Highboy says, “I wouldn’t mind meeting him.” Him as in Ms. Cecile Richards? Looks like we have another rampant scholar on our hands.
• Here’s what Highboy says about the fact that mothers whose lives are clearly at risk may still have abortions: “I could do without the exception, but its a start.” See that? Another proud champion of life speaks up for humanity. A fully sentient adult human being who can feel pain and suffering should be denied life-saving medical treatment, but a one-day-old cell mass is sacred! This isn’t mere cognitive dissonance — these people are mentally ill.
• In response to Planned Parenthood’s assurance that it would challenge the law in court regardless of what voters do in November, Highboy says, “Of course. The will of the people doesn’t matter, and neither does the law. Let the activist judges legislate from the bench for you. Liberals know they can’t win at the ballot box on any of the issues, they know the majority of America would see their ideology sink into the bottom of the Pacific, hopefully taking California with it.”
Let’s see, how many instances of idiocy and ignorance can be jammed into one crippled paragraph? Plenty. First, on the will-of-the-people thing, Highboy should be aware that 57% of South Dakotans disagree with the new law, while only 35% support it. He should also note that various 2006 polls reveal that 59% of Americans oppose having a law like South Dakota’s in their own states, 74% think abortion should be legal in cases of rape an incest, and 83% think it should be allowed if the pregnancy puts the mother’s life at risk (source). (I admit I’m a little worried that the latter figure isn’t 100%, but then again it was a FOX “News” poll.) 67% of Americans don’t want Roe v. Wade overturned, as opposed to 25% who do. Clearly abortion is and will remain a hot button and a special target of religiously driven droids, but few people favor positions anywhere near as extreme as Highboy’s.
I did enjoy, however, his use of the phreases “activist judges” and “legislate from the bench” in the same sentence, compounding their marked independent irrelevance. And you’ve got to apreciate a pro-lifer who has the balls to say he’d like to see California (and presumably its Republican governor) sink clean to the bottom of the ocean. Place is nothing but faggoty Jewish wetback illegal immigrant activist judges nowadays anyhow.
In summary, then, we have a strict anti-abortionist who advocates negligent homicide and the eradication of 35 or 40 million people because they don’t view proto-life as sacred, rails about public opinion he knows nothing about, and can’t even use radical-right buzzwords deftly. Is he representative of most Republicans? No. But although Highboy is for my purposes merely the purveyor of a blog reflecting ineducability and hypocrisy, he still gets to vote, and people much like him are far from rare; worse still, his ilk are being emboldened and actively encouraged all over the place. November 7 would not be a good day to sit at home and watch TV, idly trusting that utter shitheads will be doing the same.

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  1. “The Governator” has come out in favor of stem cell research, signed legislation to limit green house gasses and supports including sexual orientation in California?s anti-discrimination laws. You mean he’s a Republican? I thought they were all anti-science religious extremists bent on making the U.S. a theocracy.

  2. “The Governator” is not representative of the majority of Republicans, nor are people like Rudolf Giuliani and my two Senators up here in Maine (Snowe and Collins). While I have plenty of problems with these individuals myself, they and their Roosevelt-style Republican progressivism are far preferable to the theocratic nutjobs that currently run the party.

  3. Kevin,
    I discovered this blog a few months back when Googling for comments made by Kerwin. Having been aware of this simple minded moron for over a year, I wanted to see if others had picked up on his unique brand of water brain reason. Luckily this blog was one of the results. You have pretty much the same opinion of this kid as others and your description of him as “shit-smearing insane” and “so out of his tits” is accurate, although a little kind in my opinion.
    You have correctly pegged Kerwin as “unabashedly nuts” but I would like to offer evidence contrary to your statement “he’s proably harmless, if this is possible, and he doesn’t come across as particularly malicious.”
    The following is from Renew America’s message board which serves as a repository for over 2000 of Kerwin’s rants.

    According to natural law abortion is an act of violence that takes the right to life of an innocent child. It is called natural law murder. Taking the life of another in order to protect the innocent is considered justified homicide according to natural law. The government’s duty is to ensure the natural rights of its peope. The violation of the natural law rights of the people were the justification for the United States to declare and fight for their Independence against Britian. Why can you libertine atheist and your allies not renounce murdering the children of the people of the United States.
    [Kerwin, I’m no lawyer, but I advise you to obey the law and not kill anybody. This “natural law” stuff won’t fly in district court.]
    I am for riot and rebellion where we hang the judges. I am sure we will have quite the cheering section. War against the tyrannical oppressor and his dogs is the answer to genocide not vigilantism. The Declaration of Independence provides the blue print. It is too bad the you have chosen to side against the ideals of freedom which our founders fought and died for.
    You must regard the founders of the United States as being equivalent to Muslim fanatics as I paraphrased the Declaration of Independence. Eric Rudolph and Hill were vigilantes and chose to take the law into their own hands. They were not even strategically skilled about it. They should have bombed federal court houses and killed federal judges who are the real tyrants. If you are going to rebel against the government doesn’t it make sense to actually fight the government.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but that seems malicious to me. If you would like to subject yourself to more of this punishment you can find more at Renew America’s message board. I am not responsible for anyone losing their lunch as a result of the opinions contained at that web site.

  4. Something to bear in mind about “moderate Republicans” is this: while a governor, or local state rep, etc, may do no harm, “moderates” in Congress have consistently voted to put Frist and his ilk in charge. They support their party, and thus it really doesn’t matter how “moderate” they claim to be – or even are. If Frist continues to run the Senate, and someone like, say, McConnell runs the House, all the moderate Republicans in the world won’t be any use. And that’s how they’ve voted in the past: for their party – which means for the extremists. Putting them back into Congress is not a vote for moderation, it’s a vote for someone who votes with the extreme right wing while holding their nose.

  5. You mean he’s a Republican?
    Is anyone else worried that the movie star is apparently making a far better job of leadership than the ex-president’s son? I always used to laugh at the science fiction shows that mentioned Arnie becoming US President, but by contrast with Bush the idea is looking less and less daft.

  6. Folks, how can you not just love a message board where people say things like this:

    Republicans used to occupy the conservative economic and moral ground but they have deserted it, looking more like liberal Democrats every day.

    That’s some serious freak show right there. I’m talking brainworms by the bucketful. Cerebrumectomy.
    This guy is so dumb that he couldn’t find his butt with both hands tied behind his back.

  7. You’re right, mg, I was wrongly led to conclude the Kerwin was so distracted by his own garbled conslusions that he was unable to focus his paranoia into anything resembling violent ideas. Or maybe I just kind of felt sorry for him. With all that rambling about riots and rebellions and his comparing the Christian-god-fearing founders (whom he deems right and rightoeus elsewhere) to fanatical Muslims, it’s obvious that Kerwin completely forgets what he’s said in one disjointed rant when assembling the next.
    Don’t underestimate how fucked-up “Highboy” is in his own right, though. He doesn’t seem frankly deranged and scatterbrained like Kerwin does, so he has no excuse for all of his lowbrow “Christian” spewings besides being a garden-variety idiot who doesn’t know the basic history of his own religion. Perhaps if enough fundamentalists start making the same noises he does and screaming that fully aware women with life-threatening pregnancy complications have fewer rights than either a confirmed vegetable like Terri Schiavo or a just-fertilized embryo with no nervous system, the currently uninterested and disinterested moderates will finally understand how destructive it is to have the Republican part under the full control of right-wingers and will act accordingly.

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