What? No mention of communism or moonbats?

Stop the ACLU has never demonstrated any qualifying standards in its choice of “columnists,” save for a boundless desire to rant illogically about the Left. But its latest batch of newbies seems especially off-kilter. Today davef had this to say:

“I am infinitely concerned about the ACLUs agenda of killing off our next generation. If the ACLU had there way our children, those lucky enough to be born, would be subject to the most vile forms of pornography, indoctrinated by homosexual lifestyles in school, pursued by freeks like NAMBLA, stalked in our parks by known child molesters, and supported in a fictitious “right” to engage in any deviant behavior they come across.
“Its there, right before your eyes. The ACLU’s agenda to destroy our society, and they are doing it one child at a time.”

Nope, no hyperbole here! How I and most people I know escaped these evils as children I have no idea. But if “davef” spend his childhood being molested by ex-con teachers who moonlighted as pederast civil-rights attorneys, nude park rangers, and gay porn actors, it might explain his deficiencies in English.

One thought on “What? No mention of communism or moonbats?”

  1. I’m pissed, I mean REALLY pissed. I’ve been an ACLU member for a few years now and never once, not ONCE, have I been invited to go baby hunting or child-fondling, or been asked to engage in public gay sex! What the hell have I been paying dues for?? Obviously, other people are having fun on my dime. This is completely unfair. And to top it off, there’s no mention of these activities in the newsletter. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
    I feel so cheated.

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