Aptly titled blog post of the year

Writes “davef” above this post at Stop the ACLU: “I Sure Am Confused.”
He’s not kidding. In a predictable display of far-right-wing indignation, this unwaveringly flummoxed windbag is complaining that Florida Rep. Mark Foley (R) is being targeted primarily not for e-hitting on a 16-year-old male page, but because of his sexual orientation. That’s right — lefties are trying to use one of their own chief causes celebres as a tool for railroading poor Foley out of Congress, hoping no one wil notice, and dadgum it, that makes them hypocrites (again!).
davef writes:

“Sure. The kid was technically a minor at age 16..”

davef presumably makes this claim with a straight face, as if it’s a mere triviality and not the front-and-center issue. Foley apparently has a history of similar behavior that various members of the “liberal” media have, for whatever reason, kept to themselves. And Foley’s sexual orientation was no secret among his colleagues. (As an aside, Tom Mann of the Brookings Institute called Foley a “well-thought-of member”; whether he chose his words deliberately is open to debate.)
One might as well scoff about a “double standard” at work when a Democrat is stopped for going 10 miles an hour over the speed limit and not ticketed while a Republican is charged with vehicular homicide after running a stop sign and flattening a three-year-old. I mean, yeah technically the second guy took a life but they’re both motor vehical offenses right???
Yep — all just part of a broader, toxic smokescreen thrown up by the Dems as we careen toward the midterm elections. Democrats, make no mistake, surely appreciate the irony and added salaciousness the gay angle adds to the Foley situation, and are itching for every possible Republican malignancy to metastasize grandly within the next four or five weeks. But when the opposition does such a fine job, and with great comic timing to boot, watching the unilluminated wax addled and outraged on various scarcely intelligible shitblogs is a bonus sideshow.

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  1. Kevin, were you up late (or very early) typing this in? There’s an awful lot of typos in there, which is unlike you.
    But seriously, I note that our pal Kerwin has added a comment to the fray.

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