FFRF Convention

This weekend, October 6-8, San Francisco will be the site of the 29th annual convention of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Among the activities will be talks by Sam Harris (The End of Faith) and Dr. Richard Sloan (Blind Faith: The Unholy Alliance of Religion and Medicine). Julia Sweeney, of Saturday Night Live fame, will receive the “Emperor Has No Clothes” award and will also be performing “Letting Go of God”, her one-woman show described as a “beautiful loss of faith story”. One thing I love about the FFRF is that in spite of the serious nature of their work (frequently involved in church/state issues and lawsuits), they maintain a tendency to be playful. For example, the Saturday schedule begins with a “Nonprayer Breakfast” complete with a “Moment of Bedlam”. If you believe in Thomas Jefferson’s dictum of a wall of separation between church and state, the FFRF is a group worthy of support.

Author: jim

Jim is a college professor with a fondness for running shoes and drumsticks.