Was GOP.org hacked?

I realize that scaremongering has worked quite well to this point for the Bush administration; when Americans question anything about the Iraq war or the treatment of suspected terrorists and POWs, numerous other Americans have been trained to quickly and angrily label them enemy sympathizers, America-haters, and worse.
Still, even though the GOP has no choice but to appeal to the shrivel-headed and those quick to rally behind ersatz patrotism, one would think that it would be cognizant of thinking Republicans as well. Regardless of one’s thoughts on the Iraq war on the whole, only borderline or outright delusionals could believe at this point that Bush and friends have made good on any of their pre-war or early-wartime promises, or that the fact that we haven’t yet lost any more skyscrapers has a damned thing to do with the policies conceived and implemented by the orangutan posse screeching and scampering around Washington these days.
All of which is to say, I can’t imagine that any fence-sitters could believe at this point that a vote against Republicans constitutes a vote against any desirable version of America. This ad seems as destined to fail — and for the same reasons — as a DNC clip featuring a grinning Dubya being buggered by a Catholic priest while using one hand to spoon Gerber food into the “mouth” of an embryonic stem cell with a tiny coke spoon and the other to soak Planned Parenthood clinics in the acid rain of his most generous campaign donors (though I’d still like to see the footage).
The writers of this ad might has well have tacked on a clip of Bush’s legendary comment Mike Brown after Hurricane Katrina had its unfettered way with New Orleans last year: “Brownie, you’re doing a hell of a job!” (removes upturned thumb from air, replaces it inside own rectum)

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