10 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh: Radio Pundit or Steaming Pile of Bat Shit?”

  1. I don’t get Rush. I remember seeing him (when he was on TV) and his whole schtick was so unimpressive and pointlessly dishonest that I felt like I was watching some comedy sketch about a guy who goes over the top on everything, no matter what. It was like an improv news show done badly.
    Not even bat shit.

  2. I would suggest that Rush’s worth may be somewhat less than that of bat shit. One would assume that, as opposed to Rush, bat shit may have some use.

  3. If you ask me, he’s pigshit.
    Did you see the video of Oxy-Rush Limbaugh-codone mimicing Fox’s involuntary movements while accusing him of faking them on his show?
    I couldn’t find it on youtube but they played it on MSNBC tonight.

  4. Right-wingers are all over this stupid retort featuring a couple of trout-eyed athletes and the annoying wife from Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s such an unbelievable heap of shit that it’s virtually assured of getting the job done.
    What we have is a society in which a great many people, after listening to the jubilantly uninformed words of a prescription-forging pile of lard, immediately conclude that the pile of lard is right and set about spreading the gospel. These are people who couldn’t find South America on a globe — much less describe a single thing about an embryo (other than labeling it a “person”), a totipotent cell vs. a pluripotent one, and how this sort of medical research can help fuel the search for a slew of disease cures heretofore unexplored ways — but they’re certain that the whole damn field is just, I donno, demonic and they can’t wait to vote about it. In a country peppered by as many outright numbfucks as the U.S., I’m starting to doubt the wisdom of a genuine democracy in which any adult not incarcerated or carrying a felony record can vote. Even a requirement for an IQ of 75 would weed out a goodly number of these saggy-jawed, watery-eyed assholes.
    Anyone know much about real estate in Yellowknife or Whitehorse? Can I get DSL there?

  5. Could we also include in this law a requirement Presidential candidates must also have a verifiable IQ of something north of at least 75, while we’re at it?

  6. Apparently my choice of “steaming pile of bat shit” was unfair… to bat shit. Along those lines I would have to assume that pig shit would be similarly elevating. Might I propose “odius puddle of slug mucus” as a replacement? Are there any known uses of slug mucus (other than as a means of slug locomotion)?
    I saw the video of RL impersonating Fox and it was truly shameful. Then he goes on to bark about the supposed “untruth” of embryonic stem cell research offering potential cures through a cheap straw man attack. A twit of monumental proportions. And what’s with him calling John Edwards “The Breck girl”? I wouldn’t be making fun of ANYONE’S looks if I was Rush. It’s got to be bad enough to be greeted by that formless blob in the mirror every morning. Oh, and has anyone else noticed that Rush and Rove seem to have emerged from the same stamping machine?

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