And now, a brief and meaningless survey.

A friend of mine is putting on a cross-country race and has designed a logo to put on the official race hat. I think the red letters should be changed to orange ones, as I like the orange-white-black thing, but my color preferences obviously may not represent whatever the norm is. Please add your comments on this below, unless you’re blind (I’m working on a braille interface).

4 thoughts on “And now, a brief and meaningless survey.”

  1. Red and black go together, but orange and black is very much of the season. I don’t think you’d make a mistake with either. This reminds me that I recently found my old cross country varsity pins from high school. In those days it was “CC” not “XC”, although they did have the arrow through the letters.

  2. I like the red, but it’s overused, this whole “only design with red black and white” thing. I’ll withhold judgment until I see the braille version.

  3. Go with orange and black.
    More importantly, only a faux runner thinks that cross country is abbreviated with the “XC arrow.” The only TRUE abbreviation is the “CC arrow.” Don’t let your friend make a fool of him or herself. About this I do not joke.

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