Kerwin Brown watch, midterm elections edition

Kerwin Brown, my favorite Internet wingnut, has yet to reveal his querulous and disjointed “thoughts” on the elections on his “blog,” but he’s recently left a few noteworthy and almost-decipherable assprints there. A time when he’s likely to be reeling with addled indignation is as good a time as any to visit these, so slap on the strap-on, break out the Gerber food, crank up the Depends-o-meter and let’s have at it.

First to the familiar: Kerwin thinks that fighting the twin social evils of homosexuality and abortion is a more pressing matter than improving the average American’s standard of living through nefarious measures such as improved access to education for minorities. (Regarding Kerwin’s morbid fear of gaiety, when the pictures of him getting down and dirty with a fellow in a trenchcoat in a public park finally hit the Internet, we should be no more surprised than we were about Ted Haggard.) Also in the mix are other pestilential sources of mass decay: pornography, cohabitation, contraception, and the degenerate habits and folkways of nonwhite people. For some reason he never picks on illiterate schizotypal hicktards. I’d genuinely like to know how someone can simultaneously oppose both contraception and abortion while bemoaning the ills wrought of poor or absentee parenting, but I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation buried somewhere in the immigaybortion lobby’s agenda.
Kerwin also treats us to his eerie command of embryology and bioethics in a post about stem cells, entities he says are “made by cutting a baby in its first days of life up and using the body parts to do research on possible cures for other humans later in life.” If you were unaware that this is how ESCs are obtained, you can, as Kerwin stresses, blame the liberal media for pulling the wool over your eyes. If there’s one paragraph that summarizes everything you need to know about this hapless motherf*cker, it is this:

There is no reason that scientist could not be performing these studies using stem cells from chopped up animal babies instead of stem cells from chopped up human babies. If they succeed then they can get permission from the American people to kill human beings so they can heal other human beings. If the people gave them it would be a clear violation of the law of Nature and Nature’s God but our system allows for to tolerance of such tyranny.

So there. A human blastocyst, a human adult, and a blastocyst from an unspecified animal are biologically indistinguishable, whileonly the first two are morally privelieged, and to identical degrees at that. If it can be shown that this man does not wander the streets of his hometown coated in his own vomit and shit as he wields a stolen laptop, I may even have to start believing in Nature’s God myself.
Kerwin goes on to complain that Democrat Zack Space, who thumped Joy Padgett in Ohio’s 18th Congressional

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