“Intelligent? Design?”

The latest issue of Freethought Today, the newsletter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has a bunch of goodies, including an article by Daniel Dennett, a transcript of Sam Harris’ speech at the 29th annual FFRF convention this past October, and an article by atheist Brenda Frei who appeared on an episode of 30 Days, where she stayed with a family of evangelical christians for a month. High on my list of FFRF entertainment pieces are the cartoons by Don Addis and items by Philip Appleman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Indianna University. This month, we’re treated to Appleman’s poem “Intelligent? Design?” which is set to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. This verse had me rolling:

You wish a guy’s urethra did
The jobs that were proposed:
Both lover’s clout and waterspout
Is what you had supposed.
Alas, the Great Designer squeezed
A prostate ’round your hose:
Intelligent Design!
Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Nowhere does the Bible clue ya
That your glands would soon subdue ya:
Intelligent Design!

Author: jim

Jim is a college professor with a fondness for running shoes and drumsticks.