Ryan Hall crushes American record in half-marathon

While we’re on the topics of sports and dreams, Stanford graduate Ryan Hall ran 59:43 at the U.S. Half-Marathon Championship in Houston this morning, lopping an amazing 1:12 off Mark Curp’s American record. Curp’s mark of 1:00:55, set at the Philadelphia Distance Run, had stood for an equally amazing 21-plus years. Hall’s time for 13.109 miles averages out to just over four minutes, thirty-three seconds per mile.

ryanhall.jpg   The 24-year-old Hall, who has yet to run a marathon but plans to compete at the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in November, is an immediate threat to every American mark from 10 kiliometers up and is currently the only male with the potential to run with the best distance runners on Earth.

Hall already held the American record for 20 kilometers (12.43 miles), having run 57:54 in Belgium last October. Although that mark broke the previous one by 48 seconds, Hall likely passed through 20K — a distance not contested nearly as often as the half-marathon — this morning in about 56:30.

In December, Hall’s younger brother Chad won the Foot Locker National High-School Cross Country Championships in San Diego, making him one of the better runners in the family.

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  1. As far as I have been able to determine, Hall’s run was the 9th fastest in history and of the eight performances better than his, they have all been run by either Kenyans or Ethiopians. Seeing that Hall was over 2 minutes ahead of second place and thus running solo for quite a bit, one can only imagine what he might have done with someone on his heels. It is a stunning performance.

  2. Regarding the solo aspect, I’m not convinced that competition would necessarily have helped. His post race comments centered on how he was able to relax as well as the success of doing 12 mile tempos on his own. I have to wonder if having to race would have been a mental detriment.
    It’s also a bit mind boggling that he (unofficially) bettered Todd Williams’ 15K AR en route. Can’t wait to see what he does this Spring.

  3. “making him one of the better runners in the family.”
    Ryan’s wife, Sara, also won the Footlocker Cross Country Championships while in high school.
    Somewhat overlooked at Houston was Fasil Bizuneh’s perfomrance. The week prior to Houston he ran the 5K that was part of the OC Marathon. He ran the gently rolling course in 14:07. I had never heard of the guy but he looks like he is in great shape and is another young (26 years old) American to watch.

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