Time for Gribbipedia?

I think so. Just from his most recent post:

  • Bella Lugosi, err Nancy Pelosi: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, apparently bearing a resemblance to actor Bella [sic] Lugosi
  • Defeatocrat: Anyone who doesn’t vote Republican
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr.: American president who posthumously started major U.S. involvement in Vietnam
  • Vietnam War: Liberal-led quagmire spun by the hippie MSM into a Republican failure
  • History lesson: Creative repackaging of historical events, with commies and Defeatocrats (q.v.) always serving as villains and incompetents
  • Hollyweird: Region somewhere west of Alabama where communists make movies
  • gorilla operations: 1. Tactical warfare 2. Web sites with too many misspelled words and goofy icons
  • WMDs: Weapons of mass destruction, found in Iraq by U.N. inspectors but shepherded away by Reds and subsequently denied to exist by liberals; these provided an excuse for Dems to initiate and f*ck up a war approved by a Republican congress to make the Repubs look bad and currently being won despite the efforts of Defeatocrats who don’t recognize the difference between a draft army in a failed losing effort and a volunteer army in a failed winning effort blah blah blah
  • Alphabet networks: Television, overwhelmingly an arm of the left-leaning MSM
  • Dead tree media: Newspapers, entirely an arm of the left-leaning MSM

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