Interesting syllogism

Ho hum. Jesus Christ, have these people no pride?
I wonder how much this guy is getting paid to make no sense. I hope a lot.
I’ll say this. Michael Egnor has a sense of humor. For example, these hijinks:
“Without using evolutionary theory, doctors and scientists have discovered vaccines (Jenner, in the 18th century, before Darwin was born), discovered that germs cause infectious diseases (Pasteur, in the 19th century, who ignored Darwin), discovered genes (Mendel, in the 19th century, who was a priest and not a supporter of Darwin’s theory), discovered antibiotics, and unraveled the secrets of the genetic code (the key to these discoveries was the discovery of the apparent design in the DNA double helix).”
So, ignoring various clear-as-day screamers, we have:
A. Stuff happened before Darwin.
B. These things were scientific.
C. Therefore, evolution is false.
Let me see if I follow:

  • Richard Nixon was president in 1968.
  • There was no Internet in 1968.
  • Therefore, the Internet does not exist.

The whole post is a joke, of course, and Egnor’s grandstanding is especially cruel in light of the fact that surgeons aren’t supposed to be dumb.

7 thoughts on “Interesting syllogism”

  1. Egnor is so prideful he believes the logical dismemberment of his arguments proves the lowliness of his opponents.

  2. Egnor lies. Nobody is really that stupid. He’s made it all up. Consider who he’s marketing to — people with a fondness for lies they wish were true.

  3. I doubt if my barber studied evolution either. Somehow, I’m missing his point. Is he supposed to have one?

  4. Why yes, he does have a point. His loyalty to the power structure of his religion is more important than his career, his common sense, and the lives of his patients.

  5. He’s not trying to falsify evolution – all he’s saying is that you don’t need evolution to do brain surgery which makes perfect sense.

  6. You don’t need evolution to do brain surgery, check. But evolution helps the people who tell the surgeon where to cut know where to tell him to cut. I don’t need electronics to use my dvd player/recorder, either.

  7. Egnor is definitely deliberately using lies and obfuscation to convince people that evolution is not important to medicine. Like Elv00, I also doubt that a brain surgeon thinks much about evolution (nor about biochemistry, for that matter) in the OR. But any surgeon has to follow hospital infection-control guidelines based on evidence compiled by experts in that field. Simply put, Egnor could not do his job safely without policies based on experiments and observations that take evolution into account. He might be able to do his job without understanding why those studies were important, but that wouldn’t give me much confidence in his professional judgment.
    And, other specialties have a much more direct debt to evolutionary theory and research. A physician who specializes in infectious disease had better understand evolution — if ignorant of evolutionary processes, that physician would be flirting with malpractice. So would a medical oncologist who didn’t understand why tumor cells can become resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs.
    By analogy: Your allergist might not remember much about solid mechanics, but your orthopedic surgeon had better know something about this field. Your oncologist wouldn’t put an ethnobotanist or natural-products chemist on your team, but if he or she prescribes Taxol to treat some types of tumors, it would be strange for that oncologist to complain that botany was a useless subject.

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