Frink Tank – Not Dead Yet

…but on life support.
Sadly, the Frinksters and their fearsome pants-armadillos are entubated and awaiting a court order.
Frink Tank filled a much needed niche in the science blogs arena, and in fact they were part of this cozy community until they were sent packing into exile for something unspeakable.
A word from the Frinks:

beep – beep – beep
FrinkTank is currently in a persistent vegetative state. We’re not pulling the plug, and our archives are fully viewable for all (eleven) of our fans to see, but the appearance of new content in the near future is about as likely as a postmortem communique from Terri Schiavo.

Fellahs, I will drop by every week, then once a month, and then maybe twice a year, and talk one-sidely to you about my two dozen cats and the latest gossip from my pinochle club, hoping that you can hear me, and I’ll leave grocery-store flowers by your bedside. Just don’t give up the ghost.
Signed, one of your eleven fans,
Doc Bushwell
FrinkTank’s archive is still extant so be sure to check the still twitching body out.