Humor as a Dada Concept

An ancient National Lampoon once intoned “Fun is where you find it.” I have found this to be a useful rule to live by. The intersection of humor, Dada, and a vacationer armed with a digital camera can bring entertaining results.

Clearly, these folks are fans of the Austin Powers movies, but it’s nice to see a little environmental responsibility and civic pride mixed in with your basic amorous dalliances.
OK, the video tapes I can understand, but do you really need special shoes?
“Do you get wafers with it?”
And those associates would be Billy Joe, Earl, and Lerleen?
“Right this way, we have the perfect seats for you and your wife, Mr. Gumby.”
And the best waffles this side of Venice.
“Business has improved considerably since we capitalized the ‘F’.”
The town’s main attraction: World’s largest shower curtain.
And an extra spicy Mediterranean dish for anyone who gets the link between items 3 and 6 (a bit obscure indeed).

Author: jim

Jim is a college professor with a fondness for running shoes and drumsticks.

3 thoughts on “Humor as a Dada Concept”

  1. Is the link supposed to be Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner? Could be a stretch. But the pancake sign resembles a sea-faring ship of some sort, the kind on which an ancient mariner would hang an albatross around his neck.
    Yes, I realize the bit about the extra spicy dish is probably a clue, but I like my link better!

  2. About the “BarFlys” sign. Is the bar owned by a guy named BarFly? In which case, the sign should read “BarFly’s”. Or is it a place for bar flies? In which case, it should read “BarFlies”. Or is it a case when the plural form does not take the usual spelling adjustment because it’s a proper name? I’m confused.

  3. You mean as confused as to why a gondola would be used as an emblem for a pancake house?
    The “ies” versus “ly’s” endings is probably what triggered my brain into seeing the F as lower case. One good mutation deserves another. And let’s face it, it would take a certain amount of guts to name your watering hole “Barfly’s”.
    Then again, Zappa did name his merchandising company Barfko-Swill.

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