Dobson fires at Cizik, gives Earth the cold shoulder

This unflinchingly insane drama starring many of the usual actors quite possibly leaves the highest of existing Human Circus Factortm standards in ruin.
Thing is, even the most geeked-up, gyrating, 200-decibel big top has a stubborn coherence to it. But if there’s an Earthly way of tying the latest from James Dobson et al. together with anything accessible to logicians, it’s elusive indeed.
The story goes like this:

Richard Cizik, president of the notoriously liberal National Association of Evangelicals, has come out in favor of not only accepting the reality of climate change, but doing something about it. Certain that scripture compels the preservation of the planet, he cooked up an initiative called Creation Care,which,while just as rooted in high-octane WHEEEEEEEEE! as anything else spraying from that sector (groaning creation?), wants to curb water pollution and species extinction.
Enter Dobson, flanked by innumerable old-school fundies, who can have none of this communist calumny. Dobson, who is not an NAE member, called for Cizik’s ouster for having the temerity to buy into the lies peddled by climate scientists. And I quote:
“[Dobson and others]…asked the board in a letter prior to the meeting to either discipline or terminate Cizik because he and others had used ‘the global warming controversy to shift emphasis away from the great moral issues of our time,’ including the sanctity of human life, the integrity of marriage and the need to teach the nation’s children morality and sexual abstinence.”
Hasn’t Dobson ever heard of multitasking? Being 29 flavors of busybody loon takes very little attention when it’s your raison d’etre, and mixing in the odd Satanic cause (feminism; evolution; stem-cell research) shouldn’t be enough to derail the operation. Flipping things around, I guarantee you I could run the Boston Marathon at a reasonable clip, and between Hopkinton and Beantown hand out well over a thousand condoms, burn fifty Bibles, write checks to twelve abortion clinics, have 26.2 extramarital sexual encounters, and make 385 references to common ancestry with chimpanzees, swine, and even Dobson himself. And say a prayer.
The article continues:
“In place of these key issues has come a preoccupation with the causes and impact of climate change, which Dobson and the other leaders claimed have not been scientifically proven. Still, they said, Cizik has continually offered his political opinions as fact, moving beyond the mandate of the NAE board and his own expertise on global warming.”
Let’s count the problems in just these two sentences. One, James Dobson has suddenly placed a premium on “scientific proof.” Two, he’s also decided it’s wrong to claim absolute authority on something on the basis of a political stance. Three, he’s upset that Cizik has spoken on matters on which he is not an expert. The take-home message is that he just plain doesn’t think it’s right to be preoccupied with stuff for which there’s less than one hundred percent certainty and, in the bargain, serve as a divisive force.
There’s no inclination, for a change, to dwell at length on the flagrant, immoral soullessness of the chief double-R stumping points. Comically dishonest abstinence-only sex-education programs and the tireless mendacity of ID creationists don’t even register in this freak show. I only dealt with, at most, the topmost 25 percent of the Baptist Press article. I didn’t need to sink further; I’d aleady drained about three chalices too many of Dobson’s addled ichor.
Verily, I can only marvel at the way this winsomely turtle-faced man thinks. Here he is with his junk in a knot because two men might get married, but the physicalfate of the entire frigforsaken planet doesn’t concern him in the least. This could only make sense in the context of a belief system in which people could, by some miracle, survive the very destruction of Earth itself, with a distaste for gays and porn somehow favoring this unlikely outcome.
Hell, even Dobson and the boys aren’t that far gone.
There’s a globally chilling thought.

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  1. Many years ago, long before I had an idea of what Dobson stood for, I read an article about him. At the start, the author described the interview process. First, Dobson had a waiting room sort of affair and a secretary/receptionist. Whenever it was someone’s turn, the receptionist would make a point of saying “The doctor will see you now”. It was abundantly clear from the article that Dobson was trying very hard to present himself as part of the mainstream medical community. Given what he actually peddles, my reaction was “This guy is a dick”. Thus began my notice of the volumes of puerile idiocy emanating from the self-serving pie-hole of this most cretinous little distortion of a sentient being.
    Oh, and did I mention that I still think he’s a dick?

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