How to tell when a war is ineffective

With Kerwin Brown inert for nearly three months and “Christ Matters” erased from the Web, Nathan Bradfield, who blogs in favor of the standard slate of wingnut causes in a loose rotation, has become a natural target of anti-nonsense posts. He runs his blog like something of a Ponzi scheme: He’ll write something laughably ill-informed, and by the time about fifty commenters have applied desultory rhetorical sledgehammers and reduced his arguments to dust, he’s already moved on to the next ignorant outburst. By continually generating brand-new lies, he can avoid answering direct criticism of those that are merely very recent.
Today he tries to explain why Democrats (all of whom are elitist snobs who constitute 100 percent of the war opposition, apparently) need to support the goings-on in Iraq, and in so doing explains precisely why there’s little reason to support them at all. He offers a video made by a soldier who was killed in November, one who claimed he loved being in Iraq and bonding with the locals.

Says Bradfield:
“Democrats need to realize that social classes of elites and peasants do not exist in America and that they actually, gulp, owe their ‘elite’ life to these soldiers.”
I haven’t heard socioeconomic status invoked in terms of who does and who doesn’t support the war at this point. Moreover, men like Chris Mason may be described as courageous, but claiming that anyone on this side of the pond owes his or her life to them is a stretch. It’s unfortunate that he died, but his death doesn’t serve as justification for the war.
From an article in the Mobile Register:

Baker High School graduate Chris Mason wasn’t afraid of dying in Iraq because of his faith in Jesus Christ and his belief in the importance of helping others, his family said Wednesday.
That’s why when his family learned that the soldier had been killed Tuesday by an improvised explosive device in Iraq, “it was sad, but it’s not a tragedy,” said Garland Mason, Chris Mason’s brother.
“He was very passionate about Christ, and because he was so in love with Christ he was able to give his life away for other people,” Garland Mason said. “He was OK with the possibility (of death) because he was so satisfied with Jesus Christ. … Faith was what pushed him to make the ultimate sacrifice for his country. Knowing that if he died, that death did not steal anything from him; that death gave him more of that which is infinitely good for him, more of Christ.”

I do think this is a tragedy, because it’s a waste. All the foregoing suggests is that Chris Mason was no less deluded than a suicide bomber with visions of eternal paradise, virgins, milk and honey in his head. If I thought that I would, in effect, live forever after my corporeal death, I’d probably be willing give up my life for a hollow cause as well. His family speaks as though their son was in the Middle East primarily on a humanitarian aid effort and not as a soldier.
Says Bradfield:
Yes, Democrat Party, that is known as ‘living out faith.'”
No, Nathan, it’s known as being an unfortunate dupe. You wouldn’t know what that’s like because you know all too well.
Continues Nathan:
‘We want to be here.’ That’s hard for Democrats to swallow. Heck all of their ‘polls’ show even Iraqi’s want us out. But if you actually go to Iraq, schools are open, hospitals are running, businesses are starting, money is being made, people are happy.”
Sounds like a true vacation paradise. I’m guessing that Nathan, his endorsement notwithstanding, hasn’t been amywhere near Iraq.
People are dying by the bushel, but because they don’t mind dying, all is well. And because a few schools are operating, it doesn’t matter that the infrastructure is a shambles and that Iraqi sentiment is overwhelmingly in favor of expunging the U.S. military presence.
Nice scare quotes, too, around “polls.” This is not news, but here’s a sampling of current public sentiment about various aspects of the war. Note that more than a third of Republicans favor withdrawing from Iraq by next fall. But it gets better:
“Certainly, they don’t want us there indefinately, but no one wants that. But those darn polls. I mean, c’mon, we can’t have positive news coming from Iraq, and since the surge is working, there are no bombings or troop deaths to report, let’s poll stage a poll of Iraqi citizens”
Here Nathan admits that he thinks the polls are contrived. (I have no idea where he gets “no troop deaths to report” from; maybe he means that if there aren’t new casualties reported every hour, things must be settling down.) I’m going to point out every instance I see of him talking about “the will of the people” and such from now on, just to remind everyone of yet another aspect of this dingbat’s hypocrisy. Truly clueless people are very good at convincing themselves that everyone secretly agrees with them and that those who claim not to are simply short on facts; such is one of many paradoxes of the barren intellect.
If this kind of mawkish bullshit is the best the pro-war snapperheads can produce from 10,000 miles away, things are just as grim as the majority of Americans believe.

3 thoughts on “How to tell when a war is ineffective”

  1. I couldn’t help noticing the theocratic drivel in the banner of his blog. He may rail against a supposed socio-economic elite, but he doesn’t seem to mind a pluralistic nation having a Christian elite.
    I also notice that you have to click a link in order to read or post comments. I wonder if he bothers clicking the link. I suspect the comments are cached in his server’s Trash Can.

  2. ‘We want to be here.’ That’s hard for Democrats to swallow.

    I can’t pretend to get inside the heads of these soldiers, but if you has a choice between relaxing with your family and a few beers at a barbecue and sleeping in your own bed and patrolling the streets of Baghdad until you’re blown into pieces-parts by an IED, what would you choose?

  3. Bombings are down??? They just had the largest (over 150 killed) of the entire occupation. Well we won’t be there much longer, the army is broken, and will take years to recover. But of course we have the mercenaries from companies like Blackstone, we don’t count these as part of our military force. We don’t count their casualties either, but they are said to be about 800 KIA -so the MSM is lying to you when it says 3200+ Americans have been killed -we are already past 4000.
    I can
    imagine someday soon Bush claiming to have withdrawn the troops, but leaving a large mercenary force in the country.

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