Hitchens on The Daily Show tonight

Christopher Hitchens, whose book God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything becomes available tomorrow, will be on The Daily Show tonight.
Here’s Sam Harris had to say about the book:

“If God intended reasonable men and women to worship Him without embarrassment, why did He create Christopher Hitchens? It was a fatal miscalculation. In God Is Not Great, Hitchens not only demonstrates that religion is man-made–and made badly–he laughs the whole monstrosity to rubble. This is a profoundly clever book, addressing the most pressing social issue of our time, by one of the finest writers in the land.”
I probably would have ordered the book anyway, but the phrase “laughs the whole monstrosity to rubble” tipped me over the edge of hesitation, so I’ll have it in hand shortly and will write my thoughts here.
I’m guessing that this latest from the already notorious Hitchens will probably result in a far greater overall chap-ass quotient among godders than will any “Parking-Lot Challenge,” and if he winds up writing a sequel I can’t wait to see what title is hung on it for an encore. Religion Is A Sexual Sadist: How Faith Sodmizes the Cosmos With a Wink And A Gap-Toothed Leer might work. Maybe he’ll have a write-in contest! Wouldn’t that be great.

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