Good Math, Bad Math, Literal Math

MarkCC over at Good Math, Bad Math offers up some enjoyable elements from time to time. Between the good and the bad, is there space for humorous literal math?
Yes, it’s final exam time here at the college and I received the following from a colleague (the exam paper is not from one of his courses):

I almost want to give the guy a bonus point for making me laugh (particularly due to the little “etc.” scrawl at the bottom).

Author: jim

Jim is a college professor with a fondness for running shoes and drumsticks.

6 thoughts on “Good Math, Bad Math, Literal Math”

  1. I’ve seen that one before. There’s another “blonde joke” math problem solution for an equation to be solved for x. The problem was listed, with the instructions, “Find x”. The “blonde” circled the letter x and wrote “here it is”.

  2. Kinda like an old Three Stooges episode in which Curly is in the kitchen mixing a cake batter (or something). Referring to a recipe he reads, “Separate two eggs.”
    He picks up two eggs, moves them apart to arms length and says, “That oughta be far enough,” and then throws both, still with shells on, into the mixing bowl.
    As far as he could tell, he had followed the instructions perfectly.

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