Sip from me and obey!

As much as it pains me (1) to honor the request (2) by Dave of The World’s Fair, I’ll play:
1. Can you show us your coffee cup?
Here’s my work-a-day mug at my desk flanked by its friends (see answer to item 3). This photo, taken with the marginal little camera in my PDA, is in violation of DOPI (3) policy since I am revealing the kind of printer we use, proprietary information which I am sure will set back our competition by 20 years.
2. Can you comment on it? Do you think it reflects on your personality?
The text on the mug says “She Who Must Be Obeyed.” It was purchased for me from the Signals public TV/radio catalog back in the heyday of “Rumpole of the Bailey.” Rumpole routinely referred to his wife as “she who must be obeyed.” At the time, I was the leader for a prostate cancer program, and I was also the only woman in the ranks of the sr. scientists on the project team. Apparently, my team thought it was an appropriate gift, and accurately reflected my personality and leadership style. I am inclined to agree although I tend to view myself as a warm and fuzzy kind of winged harpy.
3. Do you have any interesting anecdotes resulting from coffee cup commentary?
The vast majority of commentary I have received on the cup has been knowing chuckles, as in, “Yep, that’s you.” The squishy stress balls flanking the mug have a moderately more amusing history.
The blue stress ball contains a floating yellow smiley face ball within it, and you can just make out the logo of Prozacasaurus, Inc. on its cheap plastic display stand. This ensemble was given to me at my last place of employment (let’s call it “Club V”) as a reward for an ill-fated collaboration. My response when our project leader gave it to me:
“What? Prozacasaurus, Inc. can only give me one happy best smiley breast implant?”
The stress balls were henceforth known as the “commerative breast implants” by the team members at Club V. It warmed my heart to know I could make such a valuable contribution to drug discovery.
The Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish on the right is pale and flaccid compared to its turgid twin on the left. When I was speaking with a particularly obtuse IT dude at DOPI’s “Help” desk, I squeezed Blinky I too hard, The hapless superfish erupted and ejaculated goo and glitter all over me, my computer monitor and my keyboard. I kept its skin as a meaningful reminder not to put too much stress on a stress reliever.
3. Can you try to get others to comment on it?
Obey, or do not obey (at your own risk). There is no “try.” Not that I am an overbearing micromanager or anything.
(1) Yes, really, it pains me. I am recovering from epi-LASIK surgery, and the old orbs are freakin’ irritated. But I couldn’t resist answering this. And the 72 pt expansion of my browser’s font helps.
(2)Thankfully, the request was not called a “meme.”
(3)DOPI = Dark Overlords Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

9 thoughts on “Sip from me and obey!”

  1. “She who must be obeyed” is the epithet used to describe the immortal Ayesha in H. Rider Haggard’s She. I wonder if Haggard is the original source of the expression.

  2. Re:Blinky! Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish is one of my favorite Simpsons episodes.
    Excerpted from the script:
    … Oh, hello, friends. I’m Montgomery Burns, your next governor, and I’m here to talk to you about my little friend here, Blinky. (picks up fishbowl with Blinky in) Many of you consider it to be a hideous genetic mutation. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s ask an actor portraying Charles Darwin what he thinks. (actor enters)
    Hello, Mr. Burns.
    Oh, hello, Charles. Be a good fellow and tell our viewers about your theory of natural selection.
    Glad to, Mr. Burns. You see, every so often, Mother Nature changes our animals, giving them bigger teeth, sharper claws, longer legs or, in this case, a third eye. And if the variations turn out to be an improvement, the new animals thrive and multiply, and spread across the face of the earth.
    So you’re saying this fish might actually have an advantage over other fish? It might actually be a kind of “Super Fish”.
    I wouldn’t mind having a third eye, would you?

  3. Yes, but does a third eye genuinely result in greater overall fitness?
    While I personally am strongly attracted to women with 3 or more eyes, some people tell me this is not a common state of affairs.

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