Dungeons & Dragons: Satan’s Game

“Your children, like or not, are attracted in their weaker years to the occult…”
Sit in on an actual gaming session with the Dead Alewives’ Watchtower and see for yourself!
8-bit D&D from Cyber Moon Studios.
Sent to me by my delightfully nerdsome son, a D&D aficionado, who sports a permanent “Kick Me” sign on his back.

3 thoughts on “Dungeons & Dragons: Satan’s Game”

  1. Yes! I love that cartoon, have known it for years.
    I didn’t play D&D, but I did have a friend just like the redhead there. “Where’s the cheetohs?! Does anybody want some Mountaain Dew?!”
    Another funny D&D toon can be found Here, at Newgrounds. VERY NSFW, but not that dirty either. Lots of cursing, some bong usage.
    If you look for it, you can find an mp3 file of the sequel to this cartoon recorded by the Dead Ale Wives, but no flash to go with it.

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