Peter Rost: Big Pharma’s PITA.

Three pant-hoots and a grooming session to my very favorite cheeky pharma-insider monkey over at PharmaGossip (see the Chimp Refuge Blogroll) for the following, Can Peter Rost be silenced? including the link therein which led me to…
…the reprint of the article on Peter Rost in Fortune Magazine, posted on Dr. Rost’s blog: Fortune: “Peter Rost has become the drug industry’s most annoying – and effective – online scourge.
As a pharma discovery scientist, I regard marketing as the Devil Incarnate in its current form, and it’s refreshing to see someone pitbulling them. But will Rost can hold out? Jim Edwards over at BrandweekNRX seems to think so.
If you’re not familiar with Rost, here’s an excerpt from the Fortune article:

The ridicule comes easy for Rost. In his former life, the 48-year-old physician earned $600,000 a year conjuring up marketing plans for companies like Pfizer, Pharmacia, and Wyeth. That’s all behind him. Since Pfizer fired Rost from his post as a vice president of marketing in December 2005, he has been blogging from the basement of his suburban New Jersey home. Rost’s blog, Question Authority With Dr. Rost (, is one part mocking rant, two parts investigative chronicle. A recent week’s headlines included PFIZER, VIAGRA, AND THE MOB; and FORMER U.S. ASTRAZENECA CEO LARS BILDMAN: THE CRAZIEST BIG PHARMA CEO EVER? He has also published an exposé of his years in the drug industry, The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.

According to Fortune “Peter Rost has become the drug industry’s most annoying – and effective – online scourge.” Peter Rost, M.D., is also the author of “THE WHISTLEBLOWER, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman” and “THE WOLFPACK.” His blog is designed to be provocative, confrontational, irreverent, mocking, impertinent, flippant, impudent, bold, enlightening, naughty, mischievous, funny and tongue-in-cheek. If you have no humor or if you are a boring person you are not supposed to read this blog.

Hmmm… Rost – an irreverent. mocking, impudent gadfly and thorn in the side of the pharma-hands that feed me. I think I’m in love!** I have added his blog to the “Just Say ‘Yes’ to Drugs!’ section of the Refuge’s blog roll.
**But no one will supplant my undying devotion to the cheeky monkey at PharmaGossip.

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