Sick-ass site of the century

PZ’s post about “Paul Hill Days” brought to mind John Salvi, who made news in my neck of the woods in 1994 when he killed two abortion clinic workers (he died in prison in 1996 in an apparent suicide, though it seems unlikely he could have perpetrated the act himself). So I Googled Salvi and wound up on this site.
Salvi and his ilk are heroes to these savages. “They got what they deserved,” write the site operators of the clinic workers. Check it out for yourself.
These people are worse than the Phelpses. Maybe no loonier, but more bloodthirsty and surely more evil.
As an aside, it’s always the far-gone freaks who have Web sites that look like they were built at around the time Salvi was shooting people.

One thought on “Sick-ass site of the century”

  1. Probably on Dubya’s list of faith-based initiatives.
    Religion isn’t the opium of the masses, its their crack cocaine.

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