3 thoughts on “The Submissive Jesus”

  1. As a followup, I tried it, and it doesn’t work.
    Jesus as a bottom is pretty boring. All he does is say, “Oh ME, oh ME oh ME oh ME, oh ME I’M COMING!”
    Even the second coming isn’t very spectacular.
    And as a top — well, let’s just say that as much as he talks about being upright … heh, it’s all talk.
    You’d think some kind of infinite god-kind-thing-whatev … er would be interesting.
    No, instead it’s a clingy kind of “swear devotion to me with YOUR VERY SOUL and I’ll give you eternal life with me and my Father!”
    Sorry, JC, but that’s a kink I just don’t do. Like, ewwww.
    Androgynous angels notwitshtanding, this is just a little too codependent-enabling, ‘kay? And the thing with you and your mom … dude, you must get over it. It’s creepy. NO ONE’S mother is a virgin. Read Freud. She fucked. Get over it.
    Christ! Who needs him? All he seems to do on balance is change watever into whine.

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