Shouldn’t I get a primary life first?

I don’t doubt that this sort of general joke is extremely common among users of an application called Second Life, but I wouldn’t know for sure as I was just introduced to the whole concept this past weekend.
I’m not into gaming, so it’s hard to describe just what this eight-million-member strong “metaverse” (virtual world) is, other than a potentially huge time sink. There’s no single objective and no way to “win” or “lose,” so it’s not a game by traditional standards, and those who get paid memberships can actualy make real money by selling virtual property, dabbling in porn, and so on. I’ve only gotten far enough to pick a name (they give you a finite choice of last names; my real one happened to be among them, so I went with “Umbilicus Beck”) and design a character.

While you wander around the virtual world, others may approach you on foot, on vehicles, or by literally flying in. They can get in your face and IM you; in return you can execute crisp dance maneuvers, ignore them, and probably do a host of other things I’m unaware of and will probably remain unaware of because my system and video card are far too slow for this kind of crap (I use my computer for word processing, surfing the Web, e-mail, and little else). Still, if anyone has any input go ahead and slap it in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Shouldn’t I get a primary life first?”

  1. I dismissed it at first, then I started playing with the scripting language and building vehicles and such and got sucked in. Harmless fun.
    Like anything it’s what you make it. Actually more so than most things since user-created content is an essential part of it. There are some creative people floating (flying) about in there doing interesting things.
    But also,like anything, 99% of it is indeed crap.

  2. Actually, there is no need to go and try to win Second Life, my friend. I have already won it.
    I was addicted to it for a day or so, but when I realized it’s just like a digitized chat room (with the same quality of conversation…:::shudders:::) I instantly knew I must flee from this beast.
    And avoid the “sex” areas at all costs. I got raped by some sort of furry at one.

  3. I signed up just to check it out and see what all the talk was about, but apparently it’s not compatible with Vista, probably the ONLY example of a case where Vista will actually prevent me from wasting time…;p

  4. Man, I got sick of synchronous internet communication back when we still called ’em “talkers”… It’s just IRC with fancy graphics.

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