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I’m just going to refer you to Mark Hoofnagle’s post and advise you to stick some ice cubes in your ears before reading it and the linked Washington Post article. What I’ve written below is the expected grousing.

If Richard Carmona, the former Surgeon General, is telling the truth — and given the systematic suppression and distortion of science, particularly in the area of public health, the Bush administration is known to have perpetrated, then William Stieger (Bush the elder’s godson) is one more unqualified lapdog shill who needs to go the way of deposed and disgraced (in principle if not in practice) FEMA “head” Mike Brown, although considering that Stieger’s entire job is to obfuscate, meddle, and stall, he’s actually served his boss admirably.
The administration is saddled with incompetent yes-men and clowns, and while stand-up guys like Carmona are rewarded for fitful displays of conscience and for doing their jobs by getting the axe, Washington has been overrun with as many Bible-bashing idiot “doctors,” such as Sen. Tom Coburn and former Office of Population Affairs head Eric Keroack, as Bush has been able to track down (you scan see how well the latter worked out).
Most of the heat Bush has taken has been on account of Iraq, but plainly he would be an awful leader regardless. It’s unfortunate that he has a year and a half to continue screwing up, which he would be doing even if he didn’t so gleefully plan to in advance.

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