One-Link Friday: Wingnuts, irony and the Internet

When the best thing you can say about the president you love is that his approval ratings are up to just over one in three from an all-time low of 29% (margin of error: +/- 3%, 95% CI), shouldn’t that make you leery of accusing others of having defeatist attitudes? (The same poll showed a 37% approval rating for Dems in Congress, 29% for Repubs.)
This is also someone who austerely calls a well-known polling organization “Gallop” and argues against global warming on this basis: “As I write this, the air temperature in South West Ohio is 81 but the heat index is approaching 100 because of the humidity. Last I knew humidity was cause by the level of water vapor in the air NOT CO2.” Therefore, so the “thinking” goes, the comparatively tiny fraction of CO2 added to the water vapor in Earth’s atmosphere owing to human activities cannot be contributing to the small-scale (as measured in degrees) warming of the oceans that will indisputably quicken the swamping of coastal cities, possibly increase the strength and frequency of hurricanes worldwide, and so on.

This is why bacteria and viruses cannot cause problems for human beings: Even a huge inoculation of the buggers has only about a zillionth of the mass of a human! E. coli weigh nothing compared to meat and drinking water. So HIV denialists are right — just for the wrong reasons.
Now, don’t go thinking any of this will discourage Gribbit from continually dismissing the opposition as “empty headed” and “libtards,” because he’s clearly above such cowardly retractions of anything he says. You have to admire a guy who willingly posts his speculation that the news that the “troop surge” in Iraq is working (something 31% of Americans believe) has contributed to Bush’s sudden, token drop in unpopularity. Let’s see what else has happened since early July, when Bush’s approval was at its 29% nadir:

  • The YearlyKos conference
  • Bob Allen, John McCain’s Florida campaign advisor, being arrested for offering a man $20 for the privilege of fellating him in a public restroom
  • Lindsey Lohan using drugs and heading back to rehab
  • The mercurial behavior of the stock market
  • The opening of The Simpsons Movie

Since correlation implies causation in any situation in which a blogger requires such a relationship to be true, I’m not sure which one to grab for here in order to explain Bush’s recent rise to “still widely scorned, but not as loathed as last month” status. I also may have left some possible contributing factor(s) out.
I’m jealous of these people whose self-confidence allows them to transcend the reality of geoscience, logic, and mathematics with ease. I’m always looking stuff up while I post and often have to change my preconceptions as a result. Wouldn’t it be great to always be absolutely correct from the get-go no matter what, thereby disposing of the need for research, fair-mindedness, and cognition?

4 thoughts on “One-Link Friday: Wingnuts, irony and the Internet”

  1. Maybe what you need is a simple, inerrant source for all of your information. That would make for much more consistent results. You know, some kind of a big book, what’s the word… a tome, a treatise, a folio, no… an opus, an omnibus, no… a bible! Yeah, that’s it! That’s all you need!
    Heck, it’d make astronomy class a LOT easier.

  2. “Heck, it’d make astronomy class a LOT easier.”
    Until you tried to make the math work.

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