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It’s amazing the things you trip over while cruising the ‘net. Consider this site. There’s some fun stuff here, some good stuff here, and some downright crazy stuff here. For example, go to this page. You’ll find the following passage:

What are angels ? According to the Bible they are Gods messengers of light. But what are they really ?
If you look up the words angles and angels you will see they connect to one another. Light comes down to the earth on an angle because of the gravitational pull of celestial bodies it passes.
These angles of light are photons which scientifically are messenger particles.
Angels of light

Kind of funny, kind of scary, but until now I didn’t realize that the sun’s rays reached Earth at an angle due to gravitational lensing.

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Jim is a college professor with a fondness for running shoes and drumsticks.

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  1. When Lynn Nolan Ryan set a Major League Baseball record for strikeouts in a single season back in the 1970s with 383 (beating Koufax by 1), he played for the California Angels. I guess that makes his efforts divinely inspired.
    Ryan struck out 10 batters in a game 215 times. No one else has hit 100. That’s like seven full seasons worth of starts these days. Suck on that, ‘roid-heads.

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