Friday Flower Porn: Purple Gaping Maw

The deck plantings looked innocent enough. Trite flowers and greenery were stuffed into cheap plastic containers, crammed together like so many commuters in a suburban horticultural subway car. Those frilly purple dames though. If he could only get a closer gander at them. They were so coy. Were they as virtuous as they seemed? He buzzed in for a closer look.
Then it hit him. These were not chaste flowers. Not at all. These were turgid violet temptresses. He knew he was taking his chances. If he flew too close, he would be sucked into the gaping purple…gaaaah!
I’m not sure of the genus & species of this plant, but close-up, it’s a little more exciting that at a distance.

  1. #1 by Warren on September 14, 2007 - 10:53 am

    Jeepers, all that’s missing is a few tentacles.

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