Friday Flower Porn: Pump Kin!

Er, make that just pumpkin. This little critter was caught crimson fisted packing her saddle bags with pumpkin pollen recently. I wonder if they fly around looking for some nutmeg and cinnamon, too?
In any case, in spite of the numerous pumpkin blossoms that have been produced in the garden over the past couple of months, not a single pumpkin has emerged. Of course, this particular pumpkin patch was a bit of a lark, coming from the seeds of last year’s jack-o-lantern. My guess is that this particular variety isn’t particularly fertile, in spite of the bee’s knees.
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One thought on “Friday Flower Porn: Pump Kin!”

  1. Not long ago, I dined at a restaurant where stuffed squash blossoms were offered as an appetizer. My friend ordered the buds and shared a tidbit with me. These were tasty little suckers, but of course, one could stuff a flower bud or a large cockroach with soft cheese, dip it in batter, and deep fry it, and I’d find either to be scrumptious. OK, maybe the squash flower wouldn’t be as chitinously crunchy.

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