Friday Flower Porn: The Movie

Cue boom-chukka-chukka soundtrack.
First, hat tip to loyal reader Suesquatch for calling my attention to the photos that have been making the rounds. In a vain attempt to find credits for the work, I stumbled across a video by LukaIsntLuka (that link is rated SI for extreme self-indulgence but with a certain appealing eccentric banality) on the ubiquitous YouTube.
The film is below the cut. I would say “not safe for work” but these are plants fer Chrissakes. Well, some are rocks, but there you go. The images are also subject to interpretation. For example, I’m not sure whether that’s a recumbent and erect eggplant with Peyronie’s disease or a vegetative caricature of Richard Nixon at rest.

One thought on “Friday Flower Porn: The Movie”

  1. Nice video. I especially liked the finale….”the moon rock”. In Japan those vegetables would have been mummified or bronzed to create icons for a festival. Kanamara festival centers around Kanamara-sama ( the honourable iron phallus ). Large crowds gather in Kawasaki (south west of Tokyo) and a 2 meter long iron phallus is carried around town on a pedestal by a large number of people, with singing and dancing. Google “kanamara” to see that the phallus is actually painted a bright PINK colour. A lot of food stalls spout up on both sides of the streets where this procession goes through. I can easily visualize a Nasu-sama ( the honorouble egg plant) matsuri in some local shrine.

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