Rowbury wins national 3,000-meter title

Following up on a post from Thursday: Shannon Rowbury has just crossed the finish line of the 3,000 meters at the U.S. National Indoor Track and Field Championships in Boston in first place, 8 minutes, 55.19 seconds after the starting gun was fired. (Okay, she actually finished at 7:34 EST.) Her running history in the past year or so has therefore included an NCAA mile title, a femoral stress fracture, a bunch of serious training, and a 3,000-meter title at the open (pro) level.
Her training partner, Erin Donohue, finished a strong fifth in the same race.
Two national-scale wins in two tries isn’t so bad, especially given that not being able to sharpen up with lower-profile races heading into a peak competition is supposed to be a liability. But her local support arm of “masters” (not quite) runners and other weirdos knew she was ready!