Last trip into downtown Doltsville for the day

And I won’t even write anything here. But it’s difficult to imagine packing any more ignorance about climate change into a single comment thread than has been done here, and I suspect the cranks coming in from all sides have only begun warming up.
On this day of my birth, I, for all of my foibles and frailties, am grateful to have been born evidently lacking the capacity to be as bereft of cognitive function as these clowns. I credit my parents for not being missing, psychotic, or more reminiscent of Magilla Gorilla than of the Cleavers. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Last trip into downtown Doltsville for the day”

  1. Birthday? Oh man, you were robbed. A good friend of mine’s BD is 12/24 — his relatives are all cheap bastards too, giving him “combined” birthday and Xmas presents each year instead of one each for both occasions.
    Still, happy day &c to you. Foibles and frailties you may have, but it’s your insouciance I like most. I’m glad you’re here to share it.

  2. Sorry, one more to make it three.
    My irony meter could not withstand this.

    No Kemibe the idiot it is a theory. Definition of a theory is an unproven scientific hypothesis. Evolution is far from proven. Q: Where are the missing links youve been searching for for decades? Answer: They dont exist. Ergo theory.
    Kemibe, perhaps you should stop hanging out on Wikipedia and actually read A BOOK!

  3. Happy(belated)Birthday!
    And a very Happy Monkey! Or should I say “Happy Chimp!”? We just won’t say anything to the Happy Monkies over at Pharyngula about this…

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