SFWMD approves U.S. Sugar ‘Glades deal

Following up on a post I made last week:
On Tuesday, the South Florida Water Management District approved by a 4-3 vote a $1.34 billion deal that in effect accomplishes next to nothing in terms of ensuring an adequate supply of clean fresh water for South Florida.
Under the terms of the deal, the state will lease back most of the land to U.S. Sugar on the extreme cheap so that the agricultural giant can continue production unabated for at least the next seven years. U.S. Sugar gave the deal its stamp of approval last week.
In a nutshell, the board felt it had little choice but to move forward with this less-than-optimal plan owing to financial considerations.
As the Times article explains, uncertainty still abounds, and U.S. Sugar must consider other offers for the next 60 days, including that of eager-beaver the Lawrence Group and another by Florida Crystals.

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