Stem-cell research likely to thrive under Obama

Not that congressional restrictions and regulations could realistically get any worse, but Barack Obama is an enthusiastic supporter of embryonic stem-cell research (ESRC), so a lot of what has held biomedical research back in recent years will, barring an anti-miracle, soon be dissolved.
Science Daily has an article today that extensively quotes Christine Mummery, a British scientist who spoke today at the British Pharmacological Society’s Winter Meeting. ESCs will ultimately prove to have a wide variety of clinical applications, but Mummery is most interested in their value in the early testing of drugs, which for the time being must be carried out on animal subjects.

Prof Mummery says the UK has already recognised the potential for stem-cell based drug testing by established a special public-private research programme called ‘Stem Cells for Safer Medicine’ or SC4SM.
She adds: “It is only a relatively small amount of money at present but it is a start. This is clearly an emerging field that will be of importance to the pharmaceutical industry, which has been reserved in embracing human embryonic stem cell technology until now because of the ethical objections from the US, where many of them have their main base.

That was a very diplomatic way of pointing out how backward and benighted U.S. leadership has been for the past eight years. But soon enough, talk about work that is finally being done should supplant bitter reflections on an anti-science administration, and a good time will be had by all, except for the dipshits who equate ESCs with living organisms.

  1. #1 by dean on December 18, 2008 - 4:50 pm

    We in Michigan just passed a law allowing for expanding stem cell research. the right-wing loonies were going b***ls to the walls to block it, with the families who started (SC)Amway really going all-out with funding misinformation. I was quite surprised that it passed, and I was happy it did.
    “except for the dipshits who equate ESCs with living organisms”
    cue the emails from “the dipshits who equate ESCs with living organisms” in 5, 4, 3, …

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