Can a Great Dane mate with a Chihuahua?

I can’t answer that, but the fact that seven-foot Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev and his wife Galina have a son suggests that it’s possible.

This is one truly frightening-looking human being.

11 thoughts on “Can a Great Dane mate with a Chihuahua?”

  1. I can’t say much, because my SO is 6’6″ and I’m barely scraping by at 4’13″… So I can confirm that yes, it is possible. Sometimes, it does require a little ingenuity.

  2. Donna, if you are 4′ 13″, your SO is really only 5′ 18″–no problem!
    I am guessing from the photo that Galina is about 5′ 2″. And Valuev’s head alone must weigh 50 pounds. He’s not merely large, he looks like he has a pituitary derangement.

  3. Wait a second… she’s cheating in the photo! He took his shoes off but she didn’t.
    He looks fairly normally proportioned, though — and I wouldn’t want to ever be on his bad side, but he looks like more or less like a regular guy… just a tad bigger. People do come in different sizes, after all, without necessarily having dramatic glandular problems. Here’s the summary from an article about him:

    [His parents] were the same size: 5-foot-5. As to how a short man and woman could have conceived the Russian Giant, Valuev’s grandmother, the family genealogist, has a clue.
    Grandma spoke of an Asiatic tribe called the Tartars, a Turkish/Mongol clan who once overran Russia, and said her grandfather was “a giant of a man called Vasily.” This Vasily, the heavyweight champion’s great-great grandfather, was allegedly a direct descendant of this so-called Tartar mob.

    I’m 6’3 and my wife is 5′, BTW… but we’re both pretty much in line with heights in our respective families, so wedding photos presented an excellently varied & jagged skyline of heads. :)

  4. Somehow he’s slightly less frightening surrounded by all those plastic toys. If daddy looks like that and STILL can’t get the kid to pick up after himself, there’s no hope for any parent!

  5. I can’t help but worry for her during labor. He has a huge head. One can only pray it won’t be passed onto his offspring, or she better get a c-section.

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