Hiaasen on Blago

On most Sundays, Miami Herald columnist Carl Hiaasen is obligated by the unusual amount of goofy mayhem in his own state to write about Florida goings-on. Every once in a while, though, he reaches out to take a whack at bumblescum and beleaguered politicians embroiled in scandals the whole nation is watching. Today, he addressed the Rod Blagojevich mess by sculpting a hypothetical conversation between the Illinois governor–wildly unpopular even before the current crapstorm broke–and Satan himself.
Blago, by the way, can’t be long for his post. In his press conference the other day, he looked and sounded like someone who had taken too much Adderall beforehand, and his protestations of innocence were far from convincing. I suppose the wingers will continue to attempt to implicate Obama in this mess somehow, despite the fact that Blogojevich is plainly on his own island, nopw even further estranged from his fellow Illinois Democrats than he already was.

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