The myth of climate change: some specifics

…and if you disagree, feel free to say so.
The cold that has gripped much of the country gives the lie to global warming.
It is a little-known fact that in the vicinity of the Great Lakes, average February temperatures tend to be cooler than average December temperatures; only those raised in the Midwest are qualified to discuss the matter.
Al Gore, the members of the International Panel on Climate Change, and an agenda-driven liberal mainstream media have conspired to convince the public that global warming implies “a disastrous roasting.” Furthermore, this “indoctrination” has left people unprepared for cold weather; apparently, everyone who hears the words “climate change” gives all of his or her winter gear to Goodwill and the like.
It is well known that scientists prefer the term “climate change” to “global warming” because local effects–particularly at high latitudes–can in fact involve cooling (e.g., as with noctilucent clouds over Alaska). Nevertheless, only idiots would claim that climate change, examined globally, could simultaneously involve both warming and cooling; the complexities of the incompetent liberal mind are inscrutable.
The earth hasn’t had any warming in the past 10 years. Therefore, all talk of a warming trend over longer periods is inane.
The earth is now entering a cooling trend known as a Minimum. As things continue to cool, those who have bought into the warming myth–most of whom attribute this fiction to incandescent light bulbs–are going to be mighty surprised.
Barack Obama is unique responsible for how cold it is in Chicago, because he has the nerve to vacation in Hawaii. In fact, because the economy sucks thanks to the past eight years of unquestionably liberal policies, Obama has no right to even take a vacation. Man of the people, my ass.
And finally, speaking of Obama, those of you who never voted before this year had no right to vote, especially those who are ghetto-dwellers. ACORN was a scandalous operation that cost the more worthy candidate the win.

I’m just passing along what I read somewhere. Some of you will guess exactly where.

8 thoughts on “The myth of climate change: some specifics”

  1. They like goofy analogies so here’s one: if you put ice cubes in a glass of water, what happens to the temperature of the water as the ice warms and melts?
    Obviously, the transition of the glass of ice water could not involve a period of simultaneous warming and cooling, could it? That would be liberal idiocy.

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  4. oh my god. nothing here makes sense.
    “only idiots would claim that climate change, examined globally, could simultaneously involve both warming and cooling.” climate change does exactly that, depending on the location, altitute, latitude, proximity to oceans, behavior of the sun, milankovitch cycles, etc. obviously they know nothing about the complex interactions between meteorology, geology, hydrology….
    then they have the audacity to pretend they know something by explaning “The earth is now entering a cooling trend known as a Minimum,” an explanation one could only make after studying the above.
    “Barack Obama is unique responsible for how cold it is in Chicago, because he has the nerve to vacation in Hawaii. In fact, because the economy sucks thanks to the past eight years of unquestionably liberal policies” what does that even mean? obama’s making it cold? and returning to a state in which one lived an amount of time is an unwarranted vacation? and which policies of the past 8 years were at all liberal, “unquestionably”?
    and most frighteningly(i think?):
    “And finally, speaking of Obama, those of you who never voted before this year had no right to vote, especially those who are ghetto-dwellers” why would a track record of not voting have any impact on a US citizen’s right to vote in any upcoming elections on which they have an opinion?! thats why our republic has been created- for those to vote in support of their opinions in their community when they feel it is necessary!

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