This won’t piss off the neighbors. Nope, not a bit.

I guess it’s a toss-up as to which is a more unpalatable accompaniment to your neighbor’s 300-Gigawatt lights display–anthematic Christmas music or a Walter Murphy disco-classical composition for the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The latter, however, carries a much greater likelihood of triggering epileptic seizures, which is bad news given that the ER’s of every hospital within a ten-mile radius probably go dark when this thing is fired up.
The synchronization of light-flashes to music is poor, although this might have been the video maker’s fault. And the “JESUS is the reason for the season” on the garage door is somehow very dissonant in the face of the ambient clamor.

4 thoughts on “This won’t piss off the neighbors. Nope, not a bit.”

  1. Of course this won’t piss off anybody. All this means is that Disco is born, just like Jesus! Although, technically, it would be born (again)…do they have elves doing the John Travolta thing?
    Of course, your comment makes me wonder if anyone has ever had a seizure caused by one of these things.

  2. It’s a self parody maybe. I think it’s fine by the way, let people go crazy this time of year. It is a cold next couple of months. (Whoops, for us up north anyway). Happy Holidays.

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