Creationists who unknowingly gloat over their own mistakes: Part 29,314 in an unofficial series

On his good days, a good ol’ Florida boy named “Ikester,” who maintains what looks for all the world like a parody of a Young-Earth Creationist site, is merely pitiable. On his not-so-good days he makes the rest of the kooks and outliars I’ve ridiculed here look like Nobel laureates.
Earlier this month, I posted about how Ike, who obviously rejects evolution, had constructed a straw man (the claim that evolutionists as a group view the spleen as purposeless) and attempted to knock it down by linking to a site that explains what the rest of the enlightened world–physicians, biologists, chiropractors, Victoria’s Secret models–already knows: the spleen does indeed have a clearly defines set of physiological functions. My point in hectoring Ikester was noting that the site he linked to outlining these functions was in fact operated by evolutionists–you know, those people who think the spleen has no function.
But Ikester failed to understand this, and updated his site three days ago to include a “side note”:

There’s a evolutionist blog [KB: that’s us!] that seems to think the idea about the spleen being redundant was thought up by me. It’s funny to reveal that it was a evolutionist that sent me an e-mail claiming these things that made me decide to put this up. Which means the joke is not on the me or any creationist. It’s on you guys. So when I sent him (the guy who e-mailed me) an e-mail back correcting him on this issue that the spleen does have a function, he never e-mailed me back. I guess being corrected by a creationists most have been embarassing. :) Now watch, the blog page in the link will either change, or disappear. Because these guys cannot stand being corrected either.

First of all, I never implied that Ike claimed that the spleen is functionless. What I wrote clearly conveys what I just reiterated: that Ikester was gloating over what he obviously deemed a novel discovery that had long eluded evolutionists, i.e., that the spleen is no inert chunk of tissue.
Second, I don’t care if someone claiming to believe in evolution but not in the spleen as a functional organ e-mailed Ikester with such details. Assuming Ikester isn’t simply lying (he didn’t post the contents of this alleged e-mail), he was corresponding with someone short on facts and in no way representative of others who understand both evolution and human physiology. Ikester is sufficiently parochial-minded to believe that everyone who accepts evolution operates under a rigid set of guidelines and believes exactly the same thing about everything. Now what in his own background could have given him that idea?
Third, not only has Ikester not “corrected” anything I wrote previously, but had he done so I would cheerfully amend the post with a note about the correction, not delete it wholesale. Ikester fails to grasp that scientists and science-oriented people do not play the way creationists do; we do not delete evidence of our mistakes, we do not ban, bar, or block opposing views, and we do not spitefully edit the comments from dissenters. Ikester is projecting, and not for the first time.
Finally, and hilariously, Ikester in his jovial cluelessness continues to link to a site run by those who embrace evolution, a concept he absolutely fears and despises. You would think he would at least hunt down a site that explains what the spleen does but contains no references to evolution; I could find such a site for him in two minutes of Googling. Keeping evolution safely out of view wouldn’t make it go away, of course, but this would at least dissolve what has to be, at some dim and murky level of Ikester’s thinkingmeat, a significant burden of cognitive dissonance.
But before I can end this, I have to address a few things that either were not on Ikester’s home page a few weeks ago or I failed to spot.

3) Who created God? The question is self cancelling, and here’s why. Once you figure out who created God, then you would have to figure out where that came from. And this can go on for infinity. Just like asking the question: Where did the first matter come from for the big bang. If you could answer that, and apply the same logic, you would also have to answer where the source for that matter came from, and that would go on for infinity. So the question is in no way scientific. It is a lame attempt to disprove God. And shows to what lengths evolutionists will go to, when their theory is weak.

Ikester is correct–positing an intelligent god is senseless because such an entity itself would have required an even more intelligent creator, and so on up the chain of intelligence ad infinitum. However, this is not analogous to material origins of the universe, and the reason is intelligence. No one is positing that the almost infinitely small, unfathomably compact “point” of matter theorized to exist at the moment of the Big Bang was sentient. Yes, at some point, something had to simply be, and although this is certainly boggling enough in any event, introducing a conscious being into the mix makes the entire scheme logically untenable. Ikester, I know you will not grasp the essentials of what I have just written, but trust me, I didn’t make it up. And by the way, evolutionists aren’t the scientists concerned with the Big Bang, physicists are. If you don’t even know this much, any posting you do on the subject will continue to be a colossal joke.

4) Why is their so much violence in the old testament? In the old testament, when people dies, they do not go to heaven or hell. They did what the Bible terms as: slept with his fathers. Which basically means that your soul stayed with your body. Being that there was no punishment for sin after a person died in the OT, that punishment was carried out on earth instead. Christ making a new covenant where everyone went to where they are supposed to changed all that. The punishment for sin is now after death. Just do a bible search in the OT on the words: “Slept father”. And you will see several verses on this.

I don’t have a lot to say about this besides the fact that my eyes were irritated after the first sentence, watering after the second, burning after the third, and practically on fire after the next batch. But I believe Ikester is telling us that, because it was impossible before Jesus to pursue and torture people beyond the grave, it was therefore necessary in pre-Jesus times for the innumerable barbaric sorts running amok in the Pentateuch to inflict as much pain and suffering as possible upon the living in order to compensate. What a charming, lovely way to see things.

16 thoughts on “Creationists who unknowingly gloat over their own mistakes: Part 29,314 in an unofficial series”

  1. In the old testament, when people dies, they do not go to heaven or hell.

    One would hope that this was a typo, but I just love watching these guys struggle with noun-verb agreement.

  2. “No one is positing that the almost infinitely small, unfathomably compact “point” of matter theorized to exist at the moment of the Big Bang was sentient. Yes, at some point, something had to simply be”
    Why make this assumption? Have we encountered anything yet that simply is? Just because this point is as far back as we can somewhat comprehend, doesn’t mean that it is a beginning. Leave the jumping to conclusions to the theists.

  3. “Have we encountered anything yet that simply is?”
    What about Popeye? “I yam what I yam and that’s what I yam.” That seems to be a pretty clear statement of someone who just is.

    Try this one on for size – A creationist explanation of how electromagnetic pulses-in the body -cause- just- like- electrical-current-electricity-to- not-only-proves creation
    but dumb science to show all the atheist evolutionist – ok now grab both ends of that ohm meter and do twenty deep knee-bends over the frequency splitter!!!!
    And about electromagnetic pulses. If you knew anything about the nervous system, you would know that it conducts a electrical current. All electrical currents (ac/dc) produce an electrical field. This field can be detected with sensitive devices. Devices that sometimes use magnets to
    detect such things. You can also conduct you own test. If you have an ohm meter. You can take the meter and set it to test for open or closed circuits (DC power won’t hurt you). Take the two leads and put one into each hand. Washing your hands before you do this is best because the natural oils on your skin resist the current flow.
    When you hold the two ends, one in each hand. You will notice that the meter will register a current flow. This shows that the whole body has constant current flow as the brain sends messages to all parts of the body. the reason the current flow does not hurt you is because it is not
    the same frequency as what your body uses to function. It’s like two radio stations that work on different frequencies. Neither will affect the other because of the different frequencies they work on. And because all current
    flows have to have a negative and positive charge. Actual magnetic poles are created. Just like how a electromagnetic magnet works in a junk yard. Now all of this is provable, testable, and re-testable in a lab.
    Also, all electrical current (ac/dc) flows oscillates. Which means it produces a frequency. A frequency that is detectable on a oscillate machine. How do you think they can monitor brain waves? Brain waves are oscillating electromagnetic fields created by the brain as it communicates through the nervous system. Being able to monitor this means that this is scientific. Because it is testable, and re-testable. And in the medical field is done everyday.
    Now I notice you like to mock me by implying the professor deal. I never claimed to be such. But since you think education is worth more than common sense, you just reaffirmed my doubts about you being Christian. And
    pretty much why I’m not going to debate you. Showing a childish attitude here means you will display one through out the debate.
    But just to show you how some one without an education, but common sense and understanding of things. Can do what science has tried to do, without spending trillions of dollars. Has basically found a treatment for cancer
    that does what medical science has been unable to do.
    1) No side effects.
    2) No drugs.
    3) No down time.
    4) Costs a lot less to do.
    5) etc…
    And guess what technology he is using to do this? The one I just explained to you. The one you call new age. The one that can be tested in a lab.
    Because I have studied this, I will explain this so that you can understand what you are looking at when you click on the link I will provide from CBS news.
    Now the person who is using this machine is only using the machines ability to heat up nano metallic particles that will attach to cancer cells. The heat will kill the cells. But this is the first stage to finding what I just explained to you about the human body. Because once they start using frequencies like this on the body, they will soon
    discover the rest of it. And what you deem as stupid science will become the cure.
    Because our body is electrically charged from our nervous system. So is every cell in our body. And because each category of cells has a different chemical make up. They will conduct the current differently causing a
    different frequency. Example:
    1) Red blood cells will have a different frequency from white blood cells.
    2) The liver cells will have a different frequency from your pancreas cells.
    Even cancer cells will produce their own frequency. Now if you takes a frequency splitter and divide up the different frequencies, you can see every cell that exists in the human body just because of all these different frequencies. Diseases can be diagnosed this way. But the trick
    is, is to find someone who has been positively diagnosed with a certain disease. Then you hook them up to the frequency splitter machine and find the frequency of that disease. And you do this on more than one subject
    until you have enough positive information supporting that this disease produces this frequency. And then you can use to to diagnose others.
    What this will do for medical science is make it to where diseases can be detected way before any normal medical test can do it. Even dormant cancer cells can be detected. And you can also test to see how strong the frequency is and tell if there are very few cells. Or a lot.
    Now how does this kill cancer cells? Frequencies work like the radio in your car. To hear a certain station, you have to tune into it. Think of the radio tower as the cancer cells. When you tune into them, you find them but only if they are there. Just like you cannot tune into a radio
    station that does not exist, the machine cannot tune into cancer cells that do not exist. That is basically what a frequency splitter can do, is tune into each cell. Now you have heard of a radio jammer right? Where a radio frequency is jammed so that the talker and receiver cannot hear one
    another. Well the cancer cell kill they (independent groups) are hoping to be able to make with this machine, is one that will tune into that one frequency that this particular cancer cell produces. Send it a killer zap. And guess what? Because no other cell in the body produces that frequency,
    they are not tuned into by this machine. So like your radio in your car picks up the station it is tuned into to. The zapper will only zap the cancer cells and no other cells. Just like a radio jammer can only jam the frequency or frequencies it was designed to jam and no other.
    Of course like with every other evolution-atheist. Your response will be as usual. Negative. In which I will respond to now. I have nothing to prove to you. So what you say does not bother me. Unlike you I have no ego to bruise. That is why I’m letting this go. Happy trails. Your e-mail is
    now blocked.

  5. As for the miracle cancer cure, and anything else here- I personally found reason #5:
    “5) etc…..”
    – the most compelling and informative of the entire lecture….
    I could see that one popping-up on one of those lists of 50 “proof!!”‘s or “evidences” supporting Creation-ism…ah yes…here’s number 48, right after number 47 –
    48) ETC!!!
    49) ALL THE ABOVE!!

  6. **Uh, Yeah**, an ohm meter does not measure current. It measures resistance. Current is measured in amps; resistance is measured in ohms. When you hold the leads, all you’re doing is measuring the resistance from your body between your hands. Some do this by sending a current through you (one it is creating itself, not one you are creating); others measure the voltage difference between your hands.
    Since your entire rant began with a misunderstanding of basic physics, I think we can safely ignore the rest of it.

  7. SimonG,
    I did part of my degree with a chap who got a shock from a DC battery bank. Lived to tell the tale, but welded his fillings in his teeth together so he couldn’t open his mouth for a while.

  8. When you hold the two ends, one in each hand. You will notice that the meter will register a current flow.

    No shit Sherlock. It’s from the battery in the ohm meter ya fuckin’ dolt. BTW, wanna buy a Rom machine?

  9. DC power won’t hurt you
    I can imagine a very illuminating experiment right about now.
    all electrical current (ac/dc) flows oscillates
    By definition, DC current does not oscillate.
    No need to go further. That’s enough.

  10. Hi guys – thanx for the great suggestions & info – you might want to pass them along to IKESTER!! issac@
    I mean, like, before he fries all eight of his brain cells testing God’s electromagnetic anti-evolution force field w/ a 220 volt input

  11. I can’t let this pass without comment: Ikester, after reading this post, decided to remove the “side note” I quoted above from his index page. You know, the “note” that ended with this:

    Now watch, the blog page in the link will either change, or disappear. Because these guys cannot stand being corrected either.

    Classic, classic, classic.
    It’s at moments like these that I realize that even those creationists who present as the least likely candidates for successful cognitive rehabilitation must “get it” sometimes. Ikester would not have ixnayed his “note” unless he knew he was in the wrong, and people who know they are wrong usually can’t help but try to figure out why so that they don’t make the same embarrassing mistake again.

  12. “In the old testament, when people dies, they do not go to heaven or hell. They did what the Bible terms as: slept with his fathers.”
    You have remarkable restraint, not going with the obvious incest joke here.

  13. Not so much restraint as a need to draw the line somewhere in terms of how many of the absurdities on that site I have the time or willingness to address. I’m starting to feel a little guilty about even bringing attention to a site created by someone who drops phrases like “when people dies,” but not so guilty that I don’t chortle, chuckle, titter, and even guffaw.

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