Pope Ratzo: homosexuality, deforestation pose equal threats to humankind

It appears that the current Pope is determined to drag one of the world’s largest–and in some ways, more open-minded–religions into the mire of knee-walking, benighted fundamentalism.
In his annual address to the Roman Curia yesterday, the Pope made these remarks:

“The Church must defend not only the earth, the water and the air as gifts of creation belonging to everyone, but it must also protect mankind against the destruction of itself … The tropical forests deserve our protection, but man as a creature deserves it no less.”
In a clear reference to homosexuality, [the Pope] said the failure to respect the union between a man and a woman amounted to the “auto destruction of mankind.”
He also attacked transsexuals, saying: ‘It is not man who decides who is a man or woman but God.”
Humanity needed to “listen to the language of creation’ to understand the intended roles of man and woman,” he added. Anything that deviated from this was a “destruction of God’s works.”
The Pope – who acquired a reputation as an aggressive, doctrine-enforcing cardinal before he was appointed to the Vatican top job – also defended the Church’s right to “speak of human nature as man and woman, and ask that this order of creation be respected.”

If only the Holy See were as aggressive in its treatment of people like Bernard Law, the pederast-sheltering former Archbishop of Boston. When Law resigned amid a scandal that had spiraled ludicrously out of control, stretched across the entire globe, and and nearly bankrupted the Archdiocese of Boston–with Law at the forefront of a massive and frantic cover-up–he was welcomed with open arms in the Vatican, and in 2005 was appointed by then-Pope John Paul II to the position of Archpriest of the Papal Liberian Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome. Had he remained in the United States, he may well have been prosecuted for felony crimes.
A great many American Catholics have not taken this grizzled and rambling douchebag seriously since day one of his appointment, and this latest outpouring is not apt to raise his stock any.

8 thoughts on “Pope Ratzo: homosexuality, deforestation pose equal threats to humankind”

  1. From what I’ve gathered from my conversations with Catholics, it seems the Pope’s importance has mostly declined to the level of a semi-authority: while most Catholics no longer accept his moral authority when it comes to their own lives (cf. rates of contraceptive use and abortion among Catholics), they still consider his teachings valid if only other people are affected.
    From what I’ve gathered about human nature, I’m afraid that kind of arrangement could prove to be very stable and long-lasting.

  2. “It is not man who decides who is a man or woman but God.”
    …Except when God apparently can’t decide, as evidenced by the 1% intersexual population.

  3. What do you expect? This is a man who’s stories of how he came to have membership in the German army in WW II does not match with the official records of the time, who’s stories of the harm caused by the Nazis speaks of the problems the soldiers suffered and passes over the Holocaust, and who is incredibly fuzzy on when he left the army (at least two time frames).
    Neither honesty nor intellect is a requirement for his job, as he has amply demonstrated.

  4. I just don’t see why an organization that requires its officials to be celibate should have any say on anyone’s sexual activities.

  5. I never understood why the Pope is called the “Holy See”.

    Because they forgot the comma, see.

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