Rick Warren nixes anti-gay rhetoric

Warren, in case you’ve been in a blackout for several weeks, is the controversial megachurch pastor (yes, I know that’s like saying “canine dog”) chosen by Barack Obama to deliver the invocation at the Jan. 20 presidential inaugural Until the other day, the Saddleback Church Web site contained the following warm-‘n-fuzzy advisory:

Because membership in a church is an outgrowth of accepting the Lordship and leadership of Jesus in one’s life, someone unwilling to repent of their homosexual lifestyle would not be accepted at a member at Saddleback Church. That does not mean they cannot attend church – we hope they do! God’s Word has the power to change our lives.

Now, however, this ban on unrepentant sissies has been erased, and Warren himself has been trying to get cozy with the L.A. gay community. As John Aravosis pointedly asks:

So does Rick Warren now welcome gays, all gays, as members of his church? Or is he simply embarrassed of his views – embarrassed of God’s views, per Warren’s own admission? And if Warren is embarrassed of God’s views, then what is he doing as a public spokesman on religion?

Indeed; how can Warren’s own followers take him any more seriously than the rest of us when he makes it clear that his religious views are predicated first and foremost not on genuine faith, but on expediency?
Men like Rick Warren are idiots, but when they make it clear that their relationship with the LORD lies far below the impact of their political machinations on the importance scale, they make their phoniness and lack of real conviction abundantly clear. If Warren’s concession represents a genuine change in his attitude and interpretation of the Bible, it had better be an everlasting one if the members of his flock are to critically accept anything he says (the rest of us wrote off what he and his past, present, and future ilk have to say long ago).
I’d like to think that Obama’s selection of Warren to five the invocation was subterfuge–a conscious ploy to expose the bigotry and hypocrisy of people who claim to be special envoys of the LORD in order to enrich their bank accounts. I doubt this is the case, but I’ll take the consequences of that choice–Obama has made so many solid moves in planning for his presidency that this one stands out like a well-ridden dinosaur at a Baptist-only buffet.

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