Does the human heart prove evolution wrong?

I think it’s instructive to see how wildly people’s minds can transform a few simple pieces of information.
Recent medical findings have found that the human heart plays several roles with how we actually feel and think. In fact, the human heart is the only organ that can communicate with the brain in 4 different ways:
1) Neurological communication (nervous system)
2) Biophysical communication (pulse wave)
3) Biochemical communication (hormones)
4) Energetic communication (electromagnetic fields)
This would explain why our heart hurts when we lose some one near and dear to us. And it is now believed that one of the functions of the heart deals with our emotions and attitude. But because heart transplants have become more of the norm for a failing heart. Another unexpected side effect has come up. The people who received the donor heart can often experience:
1) The other person’s memories.
2) The other person’s food cravings.
3) Some of the other person’s attitudes.
4) And some of the fears, hates, and loves of different things.
As the video below will show as several heart transplant people tell their stories.

This would explain why Christ resides in a person’s heart when they are saved. It also explains why God said that He hardened Pharaoh’s heart towards Moses instead of changing his mind. God knew, even before medical science, that emotion of love and hate reside in the heart and not in our minds. If you would like to do more study on this new area of research. Google these words: Heart brain, Heart brain connection, Heart math , Heart transplant memories. Those who would like to do a Biblical research, just use a Bible search engine and search for the word heart. You will see the word of God start to make sense in this area, when before this information came out, it did not.

8 thoughts on “Does the human heart prove evolution wrong?”

  1. The number of ways one can be wrong is orders of magnitude greater than the number of ways one can be right.
    Does that mean that bullshit, despite the weaknesses of its individual proposals, will always swamp scientific truth in the public mind, merely on the strength of numbers?

  2. **”This would explain why our heart hurts when we lose some one near and dear to us. And it is now believed that one of the functions of the heart deals with our emotions and attitude….This would explain why Christ resides in a person’s heart when they are saved…”**
    AWRIGHTY!!- So that’s why Emergency Rooms are flooded with acute chest pain victims whenever there’s been a funeral/girlfriend breakup/IRS audit or your favorite sports team blows it!!
    ….and there’s even a little man living down there as well!!
    [smacks forehead] – I COULDA HAD A V8!!!

  3. ….oh, and btw – if any of you’d like more info on those scary “PULSE WAVES” that are “COMMUNICATING(?)” thru your body – read the following expulsion from the Great Mental Black Hole, last sighted somewhere down south…..
    “And about electromagnetic pulses. If you knew anything about the nervous system, you would know that it conducts a electrical current. All electrical currents (ac/dc) produce an electrical field. This field can be detected with sensitive devices. Devices that sometimes use magnets to
    detect such things. You can also conduct you own test. If you have an ohm meter. You can take the meter and set it to test for open or closed circuits (DC power won’t hurt you). Take the two leads and put one into each hand. Washing your hands before you do this is best because the natural oils on your skin resist the current flow.
    When you hold the two ends, one in each hand. You will notice that the meter will register a current flow. This shows that the whole body has constant current flow as the brain sends messages to all parts of the body. the reason the current flow does not hurt you is because it is not
    the same frequency as what your body uses to function. It’s like two radio stations that work on different frequencies. Neither will affect the other because of the different frequencies they work on. And because all current
    flows have to have a negative and positive charge. Actual magnetic poles are created. Just like how a electromagnetic magnet works in a junk yard. Now all of this is provable, testable, and re-testable in a lab.
    Also, all electrical current (ac/dc) flows oscillates. Which means it produces a frequency. A frequency that is detectable on a oscillate machine. How do you think they can monitor brain waves? Brain waves are oscillating electromagnetic fields created by the brain as it communicates through the nervous system. Being able to monitor this means that this is scientific. Because it is testable, and re-testable. And in the medical field is done everyday.
    Now I notice you like to mock me by implying the professor deal. I never claimed to be such. But since you think education is worth more than common sense, you just reaffirmed my doubts about you being Christian. And
    pretty much why I’m not going to debate you. Showing a childish attitude here means you will display one through out the debate.
    But just to show you how some one without an education, but common sense and understanding of things. Can do what science has tried to do, without spending trillions of dollars. Has basically found a treatment for cancer
    that does what medical science has been unable to do.
    1) No side effects.
    2) No drugs.
    3) No down time.
    4) Costs a lot less to do.
    5) etc…
    And guess what technology he is using to do this? The one I just explained to you. The one you call new age. The one that can be tested in a lab.
    Because I have studied this, I will explain this so that you can understand what you are looking at when you click on the link I will provide from CBS news.
    Now the person who is using this machine is only using the machines ability to heat up nano metallic particles that will attach to cancer cells. The heat will kill the cells. But this is the first stage to finding what I just explained to you about the human body. Because once they start using frequencies like this on the body, they will soon
    discover the rest of it. And what you deem as stupid science will become the cure.
    Because our body is electrically charged from our nervous system. So is every cell in our body. And because each category of cells has a different chemical make up. They will conduct the current differently causing a
    different frequency. Example:
    1) Red blood cells will have a different frequency from white blood cells.
    2) The liver cells will have a different frequency from your pancreas cells.
    Even cancer cells will produce their own frequency. Now if you takes a frequency splitter and divide up the different frequencies, you can see every cell that exists in the human body just because of all these different frequencies. Diseases can be diagnosed this way. But the trick
    is, is to find someone who has been positively diagnosed with a certain disease. Then you hook them up to the frequency splitter machine and find the frequency of that disease. And you do this on more than one subject
    until you have enough positive information supporting that this disease produces this frequency. And then you can use to to diagnose others.
    What this will do for medical science is make it to where diseases can be detected way before any normal medical test can do it. Even dormant cancer cells can be detected. And you can also test to see how strong the frequency is and tell if there are very few cells. Or a lot.
    Now how does this kill cancer cells? Frequencies work like the radio in your car. To hear a certain station, you have to tune into it. Think of the radio tower as the cancer cells. When you tune into them, you find them but only if they are there. Just like you cannot tune into a radio
    station that does not exist, the machine cannot tune into cancer cells that do not exist. That is basically what a frequency splitter can do, is tune into each cell. Now you have heard of a radio jammer right? Where a radio frequency is jammed so that the talker and receiver cannot hear one
    another. Well the cancer cell kill they (independent groups) are hoping to be able to make with this machine, is one that will tune into that one frequency that this particular cancer cell produces. Send it a killer zap. And guess what? Because no other cell in the body produces that frequency,
    they are not tuned into by this machine. So like your radio in your car picks up the station it is tuned into to. The zapper will only zap the cancer cells and no other cells. Just like a radio jammer can only jam the frequency or frequencies it was designed to jam and no other.
    Of course like with every other evolution-atheist. Your response will be as usual. Negative. In which I will respond to now. I have nothing to prove to you. So what you say does not bother me. Unlike you I have no ego to bruise. That is why I’m letting this go. Happy trails. Your e-mail is
    now blocked.

  4. quackies love analogies (and ‘frequencies’).
    Here’s the clue: ANYONE can make an analogy. That doesn’t make it true. The vast majority of analogies are dead wrong, and the very few remaining are only partially right.

  5. The heart isn’t just a pump. It’s a pump that loves. How could a pump that loves evolve?

    (Rebbecca first described the heart as a pump that loves.)

  6. Jason Failes @3:

    Does that mean that bullshit, despite the weaknesses of its individual proposals, will always swamp scientific truth in the public mind, merely on the strength of numbers?


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