What the WorldNut Daily declined to publish

Hoping to join the coterie of insightful, fair-minded columnists at WorldNetDaily.com, I crafted the following essay last weekend and submitted it to the editors on Monday morning.
Despite its theme’s timeliness, its to-the-point sincerity, and the fact that I rigorously checked it for spelling and grammar errors, I have heard nothing back from this august publication.
I am a reject.
So, with some regrets, I will post it here so as not to see it wasted altogether:

Christians again under fire–for being Christians
MSM continues snowing the public

One thing that has been overlooked in atheists’ continued assault on America’s most treasured of Holidays this year is the remarkable restraint Christians have demonstrated in the face of what can only be described as bitter attacks by a dark-hearted and embittered minority, whose members for whatever reason refuse to acknowledge both the reality of what Christmas means to everyone but themselves and the recuperative and enlightening properties of God’s boundless grace and love.
It’s simple, really: Close to 80 per cent of Americans are Christians, whereas only a minute but vocal fraction are atheists. Yet in recent weeks, we have been subject to countless news stories about disruptions to emblematic Christmas displays whose place in U.S. culture has been secure for decades, but are now under siege merely because a loud group of dissidents is paradoxically threatened by the notion of accepting a kind and powerful Holy Spirit–a simple and transforming move that can literally have an everlasting effect.
Indeed, who has managed to create the most controversy, cause the most tumult, and exhibit–quite proudly at that–the overwhelming share of rude behavior amid this sick and manufactured “controversy”? If you said “why, atheists!” then you deserve an extra goodie in your Christmas stocking.
The atheists have been claiming that Christians are somehow equally responsible for these vile–and truly incomprehensible-attacks on both a holy celebration and the most iconic, respected figure in all of human history. Yet if this were true, given that Christians outnumber atheists by perhaps 20 to 1 (hardly an accident, by the way), would Christians not be making twenty times the noise of their godless and unaccountably angry counterparts? It’s simple math, folks. And we all know the answer, even if the mainstream media isn’t reporting it.
The atheist propaganda machine, which has gained traction in recent years thanks to the sick and senseless blaring of profiteers like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and various self-indulgent bloggers, has admittedly been effective in convincing far too many people in the middle that Christians are “victims” merely for standing up for the one meaningful holiday marking the official onset of winter. (As an aside, one wonders how many of these awful storms across America might not have occurred if atheists had made more of an effort to be reasonable.) These are some of the same lax Christians who have fallen into the trap of using Christmas as an excuse to overspend, overeat, and worst of all, ignore what December 25 has always been about.
Come on, brothers and sisters! Perhaps the atheists themselves are a lost cause (1 Corinthians 14:38: “If any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant”). But we as evangelicals must carry the message to the wrongly tempted and the deceived, as bidden by the One we serve.
This, I hasten to add, is not an effort to denigrate the holidays celebrated by a distinct minority of Americans, by the way. There is a difference between being dutiful to one’s faith, however infrequently practiced in this predominantly and proudly Christian country, and screaming about how no one should have any faith at all. It’s the difference between gently changing the channel and kicking in the television screen. It’s the difference between deference to the Almighty that grants each of us life and a childish spitting in the face of the only true authority that is. Most sobering at all, it’s the difference between salvation and Hell.
Resistance to the teachings of Jesus Christ is nothing new, and we can neither expect nor hope that it will stop anytime soon in the age of increasing homosexual acceptance, rampant abortion, and an incoming president with known terrorist ties, a belief in both global warming, and a willingness to “harvest” unborn children for research purposes. But we can continue doing what the Bible implores us to do, and stand up for ourselves. We can lead by example and let our Father in Heaven take care of the rest.
Merry Christmas, readers!

Kevin Beck is a senior writer for Running Times Magazine and the editor of Run Strong. His work has also been published in Men’s Fitness, Triathlete, and a number of other health and fitness publications.

7 thoughts on “What the WorldNut Daily declined to publish”

  1. Kudos to the editorial staff at World Net Daily, for their tireless efforts to distinguish between genuine idiots, and people who are merely pretending to be idiots.
    While I’m sorry you lost a sale, at the same time I am heartened to know that everyone who publishes at WND is genuinely stupid, and not merely pretending to be stupid in order to pull a fast one on the editors of WND. Through your sacrifice, Kevin, the rest of us can be assured that WND contributors are indeed off their frickin’ rockers, and not simply oppportunistic.

  2. Oh, I don’t think WND actually pays its non-regular contributors–there’s no mention of compensation here. I would have been happy just to see my handiwork stain the site, right beside a mug shot of me wearing a just-boned-the-neighbor’s-cat grin (George Carlin reference).
    But no matter how fun it can be to rip into a semi-literate and schizophrenic theistic screed, little is more satisfying and revealing than watching them take it to each other. (Note that the Beck mentioned in the headline is no relation to yours truly.) Mormons and Christians squabbling over the differences in their respective dogmas is like ten-year-olds getting into a fist fight over whether Greedo was a superior bounty hunter to Boba Fett.

  3. Greedo was NOT in ANY WAY superior to Boba Fett and I’ll fight any 10 year old that thinks different.

  4. han had to shoot first to kill greedo. han was fresh from being frozen in carbonite, weakened and blind when he took out that weak ass chump, bobo fett. misspelling is intentional.

  5. While it is often impossible to tell the difference between wingnuttery and satire, it is fairly easy to tell that your piece is satire. The lack of exclamation points and capital letters is a dead giveaway. Throw in a few dozen of each, and they couldn’t figure it out.

  6. Nice try, but too many big words, not enough all-caps words, and not enough exclamation points. You don’t refer to atheists as terrorists nearly enough times.
    And your grammar is borderline – maybe a little too good.

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